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#puntodemobuild +162dB 8x15" 60000W DD Audio Soundigital Ground Zero Winston Lithium

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Hi! :)

I'm rebuilding my Punto for next year events. I bought it 5 years ago so let's start from there:

First system including Ultimate T2 12" subwoofer, Twister TW1000 "1000W" amplifier and Hertz low end 6,5" coaxials and JVC head unit.

Then there was Pioneer DEH-P5100UB head unit, better Hertz 6,5" coaxials with Focus Acoustics Formula FX-4150 amplifier, SPL Dynamics XTR-380D2S 15" subwoofer, Focus Acoustics Formula FX-1500D 1500W amplifier and Optima 55Ah battery.

In the next step I upgraded speakers to 6,5" Hertz Energy ESK163L.4 3-way component system, made bigger and better subwoofer box, added 20Ah BSB battery and some tuning parts.

Next I changed Kenwood KDC-BT92SD head unit, added another set of 6,5" Hertz Energy ESK163L.4 3-way component system speakers to rear, changed FX-4150 amplifier to SPL Dynamics ICE-150.4 and 15" XTR subwoofer to Focus Acoustics Black MK5 15D2 15".

Then I upgraded the whole system and started to work with the interior. New system:
Optima YELLOW TOP 55Ah and 38Ah batteries
Focus Acoustics FX-2500D 2500W amplifier
Focus Acoustics Black MK5 15D2 15" subwoofers x2
SPL Dynamics ICE-150.4 amplifiers x2
Hertz ESK163L.4 component speaker systems x2
SPL Dynamics SPL-HD25T Horn Loaded Compressor Tweeters x2
Match PP72W-D subwoofers as midbasses at front x4

To be continued in new post :)

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Here is a distance test at that time.

Next I bought second Focus Acoustics FX-2500D 2500W amplifier so now there was 5000W RMS for subwoofers. 150,2 dB at 52Hz :)

Then there was time to upgrade speakers. Rainbow for sound quality :)
Front:Rainbow SL-W6 Pro 6,5" midbass x4 and Rainbow SL-M3 3" midrange x2
Rear: Hertz 6.5" midbass x4
Now it was almost ready for show.

Here's the "finished" product. Smoothed and painted bumpers, HGT side skirts, painted mirrors, Abarth side stripes and racing stripes, Alfa Romeo 147 Seats, tinted lights etc.

At that time I only had 15A charger so it limited playing way too much. Now I have Manson SBC-2150 50A charger. I noticed another problem, subwoofer cooling. Those Focus subwoofers motors/magnets were burning hot just after hour of playing :D
So new subs, Digital Designs Redline DD715d2 15".
Sadly both of them broke down after month of playing. Manufacturing defect so got new recones for them :)


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Here's a vid from finnish basshead meet.

Friends vid from the meet :)

This car should weight between 860-930kg. Let's check it out :D

So there's at least 200kg over weight. How's acceleration? The engine is 1.2 8V so 0-100km/h should be 14,3s with normal weight. This is tuned a bit
GSR induction kit
40mm bored and flowed throttle body
866 camshaft from 75hp Punto
John Ashley exhaust manifold
Supersprint cat back

This had standard 60-65A alternator and 14,3-14.4V charging voltage isn't good enough for AGM batteries. I upgraded to 75A alternator and made a diode mod. Now I have 85A alternator and I'll make a how to video with changeable charging voltage some time soon.


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Newish vid with one FX-2500D amplifier at 0,5ohm ~3000w rms. New 2-DIN head unit Pioneer AVH-X5600BT.
Took 2 months to get the recones, hence the name :D

Here's a short driving clip :)
Ground clearance is 3,5cm from under engine cover :D

Here's newest 3000w vid.
Now there is two FX-2500D amps so 5000w rms power :)

So how's the decibels with 5000w rms? Better :)

Some voltage drop :D Two more batteries to come.

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You run 5,000 watts to two DD redline series?

I help people get loud that live down my way and do installs at gas stations for people who flag me down at red lights.  

On 4/30/2014 at 11:23 PM, meade916 said:

hahahah Gunnem that shit is funny bro

On 7/4/2014 at 10:22 AM, Soccerballzs said:

Gunnem You crack me up!! Love the pics!!!

On 6/12/2014 at 12:58 PM, JEFFYBOI said:

You got a funny personality. Which is cool man, unlike some of the dicks on here. :ph34r:

I like sloppy joe sammich but with garlic bread, not a burger bun.

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Yes for now, +6000w rms when finished I hope. I will upgrade to dd815d1 subs if budget allows. There will be 5 Optima batteries. Best spl score so far 151,99dB at 44Hz.

Last summer I had semi active 3-way setup with double mids in front and rear. New setup will be full active 3-way, front and rear of course :)
Helix DSP is a bit too pricey for my budget, so new amplifiers with suitable crossovers it is. Rainbow Beat 4 is my choice.

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Some pics of the project :)

Can't get full images to work, "you are not allowed..."

There's 10m² (~30kg) of Silent Coat in the car, here's roof for example.


Interior, now Alfa 147 seats.


Height difference :D



I have to push the box in lengthwise and then turn it sideways over back seats. 165 litres, 32hz tuning frequency.


Sine sweep with 3/4 power, doors closed and open.




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