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Was my favorite RPG/Shooter when i was playing. The humor was actually funny, great story lines, cool characters. The way the environment reacted with what you did, i just dug. (sorry if im light years behind guys,.... just getting back into it). Anyway, im stoked for the new one. Theres also a Nathan Drake bundle pack dropping first of october,. i think. Again, im a lil behind the times.

Does anyone know when 4 is suppose to be release? All i find is, end of 15 start of 16. ???

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These pushed back release dates are pissing me off


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Not sure but I will get it when it does

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Well if you're light years behind, I'm whatever is beyond light years behind that.

We picked this package up for "the kids" :peepwall: for Christmas, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sorry, Santa delivered it for the kids.

"HE' also delivered MLB 2015, Dance Party 2016, Minecraft Story Edition (kids have already completed that, shocker right), and the Hasbro Family pack. That's pretty cool, cause it's got Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, and maybe something else, I can't remember.

So, onto the Uncharted stuff. I just last week finished up Uncharted 1. Yep, 1, One, Uno, First Edition. I know, like I said beyond light years. So, I'm starting the Second one tonight, or this weekend. I'm from the old school, so when I play a game, I like to play it and figure shit out myself, but I have to say I've had to result to some cheater youtube videos already. I was about to say Eff this game when I couldn't beat the last guy in Chapter 1. I would kick his ass and then all of a sudden out of nowhere, BLAM!!!!!!!!!! Done! But I finally got it thanks to my wife on the ipad as I play. It was funny, kids kept asking me, are you gonna play tonight, are you going to play. They'd be glued to the tv, suggesting things, which was cool cause well, 3 sets of eyes are better than one. Then my wife being the overwatcher she is, would hop on the ol ipad and find some links on what to do or how to get there. It was funny it turned into a family game.

So yeah, chapter 2 starts tonight or this weekend. I hope the last one is ready and out by the time I get to it.

What other games are like this though? I'm enjoying this series but I know it'll end sooner or later. Would like to do something like it next. Until then I'll keep playing MLB. LOL

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