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SMD Triple LED Meter Single Din Kit AVAILABLE NOW! Pics inside ***READ THIS IF YOU HAVE ONE ****

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Planning to buy the 3 gauges in new year would look nice under my air con setup in outlander.

If offer still then be happy if not keen to buy and send pics

2x DC Level 4 15s box tuned to 32hz

Orion xtr 3700.1

Burped 150.6 at 45hz

Propper droppers 141.7 bb6 class nz

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ANNND the triple LED bezels are ready! I got to the shop at about 4:50am and started cutting. I got about 20 done before i decided to take a ride to a new (to me) plastic store in town. This place is like acrylic, abs, pvc...well plastic heaven!


I got some really nice router bits and a fresh sheet of 3/8" ABS and was on my way. Oh, the guy was WAY F'N cool there, he gave me about $200 in 4 NICE 1/2" Clear scraps about 18" x 24" and a bunch of various other scraps. I tell ya, the guy wanted me to come buy more stuff i think....and i will!

But back to the matter at hand. I got smaller bits, 1/8" to be exact. So my design changed a little. I had to fix it. I WAS using a 3/16" bit. Also, this new one is made for plastics and did SUCH A NICE job that i tossed my first 20 into the "extra's" box and started all over again. The new ones came out extremely clean. Like factory. No shavings, nothing melted. Perfect fit.



As much as i like the factory looking texture, i really wanted to see what it looks like with a smooth face. I really liked it so now i am offering it in smooth OR textured!


My bit set is growing out of its britches. Might need a new holder!



I like the smooth one better i think!


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What that bracket for in the picture?

i think it is a Tahoe or Yukon. I am only using it for a template so i know what size the single din is.

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here is the order page....

but honestly, if you already have 3 or are about to buy 3....or own 2 and plan on buying one more (for example), i will GIVE you one! I will give you an ABS AND an MDF on the house. The only thing i will charge extra for and it's ONLY $9.99 is if i have to assemble them for you and extend the wires (soldered of course) 10'. But if you want the piece and would like to mount them yourself, it is pretty easy. And it is free to you! (previous customers must at least pay their own shipping, new customers will get one in the box at their request) Thanks to all who have bought this product! I really appreciate it! And i you want a 5'er or 6'er i will F'n make that for you too!

They ARE for sale yes! but i don't mind hooking someone up with this who actually paid for 3 meters. :) It's the least i can do! Plus i think you will really dig this design. I am so happy with it!

Next: clear acrylic, colored acrylic (including smoked) and of course finishing the VU-Din mount.

thanks for watching! I been at this 16 hours today and i gotta rest my eyeballs...

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Ordered it today. Been waiting on something like this for awhile now!! Great job Steve!!

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