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SMD Triple LED Meter Single Din Kit AVAILABLE NOW! Pics inside ***READ THIS IF YOU HAVE ONE ****

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today i spent a good portion of the entire day trying to get this new triple LED meter kit just right. It might look easy in the end but there is a lot to this. Two different recessed area's, one for the lens to sit flush and one for the circuit board to sit flush, yet suspended just above the lens. Both cut down to the thousandth of an inch. The entire thing fits like a dream into a single din slot. I plan on making these out of ABS, multiple different colors including smoked, clear and even mirrored acrylic. I will also make plenty of these out of MDF so people can glass them in for custom jobs. Once i get good at this CNC i will make some aluminum face plates as well. I am sure i can do it i just have other stuff to finish first before i take that "plunge" (no pun intended) :D

The lab. Although most of my designing ends up being on the PC closest to the CNC. I use both depending on how long i think i will be sitting before making the first cut.



An EARLY proto using some smoked acrylic scrap i have laying around. It is starting to take shape!


the smoked acrylic on the right is a scrap piece and it is what i used to develop this before actually moving it to the ABS sheet. The ABS sheet is 3/8 and not exactly cheap. I made a bunch of trim rings from yesterdays VU-Din project while i was busy designing today's piece.


I made a lot of these moving stuff around like .003" at a time because shit was off just a little. OR maybe i decided i wanted to do a 2nd recess because i didn't want the board smashed up against the lens. Making sure it all went in took a few try's.





everything snaps in really tight. If someone purchases this or otherwise get's their hands on one, i suggest you put a few drops of glue on the back just in case. But they are in very tight with a nice pressure fit.








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Shown above: SMD TM-1 (Temperature with 3 stage fan output), SMD VM-1 Analog LED Volt Meter, and SMD OM-1 Output Meter. Available at and many other online outlets.

Do you own 3 of these LED meters in ANY combination? Well you are in luck. I will send you a single din unit for FREE! (Black ABS onlly) You just need to pay shipping, whatever that is. Deal? Same for VU-Din owners. The new unit i am making is going to be FREE to anyone who can prove they purchased one.

They WILL still be for sale so i don't want to hear any complaining. This material i am using isn't cheap. BUT i highly appreciate you guys who have purchased multiple SMD products or a nekked circuit board VU-DIN and i plan on hooking you up.

If you plan on buying 3 LED meters or just need one or 2 more to complete your 3, LET ME KNOW! Ill toss one in the box. Also, i have plans to make a double kit with just 2 and a logo in the center of some sort. I also have plans to do a QUAD bar! It's no longer any sort of "Din" at that point but for those that want one i can do it.

Do you own one of the products that will use a housing like this? Email me at [email protected] and we will arrange shipping and get yours out. Be the first to try one! Should be 100% ready by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

NOTE: if you need an MDF unit instead of an ABS one, it's no problem, just let me know. I just haven't made them yet that's all. I will whip some up tomorrow.

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Killing me man. I don't want to cut my dash again and here you go with this ugh

i kind of in the same boat nate my vm-1 is just sitting in the cubby hole ive got the plexy just not sure what i want to do with it this would be so much easier i may have an idea steve see if its possible

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goddamn, another good idea. making that new machine work man

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goddamn, another good idea. making that new machine work man

man i tell ya, i don't know who is who's bitch. At first i was calling the machine my "new bitch" but look who is getting there at sunrise and leaving past dark every single day for 3 weeks. ME. lol. Like 12 hour days.....

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Can you make something to fit my Lexus kind like you did with your? I would like to have 2 or 3 if it can fit.

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