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New Star Wars movie discussion

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So, spoilers ahead.

Overall it felt like a remake of the original. It really didn't bring anything new to the table, although it was hardly bad. The new death star made me shake my head, and the whole sneaking onto the planet to bring the shields down and blow it up....seriously. Lazy writing.

This new villan was pretty good, and even though I love the idea I feel he could have been executed a little better. I can get behind the whiny teenager thing, but something about his persona is off. The temper tantrums were actually a plus for me, it's a new spin on a Star Wars villan. The whole time I was imagining him as JP from Grandma's Boy.

Rae started out pretty awesome, but I'll admit once she started using the force I kind of tuned her out. She got way too powerful way too fast, without any kind of training. Going toe to toe with a trained badass like that, even if he was injured, was unbelievable.

Finn was cool, had some great dialogue. Also had some lame one-liners. Overall I liked him. Same goes for the Pilot.

Han was cool, but I'm glad he's gone. I feel like this new series doesn't need him at all.

Action was good, cinematography was killer. Score was on par.

Probably more thoughts to come but I'm curious what everyone else thought.

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felt like the movie/story was forced into a money making trilogy

come on seriously the lightsaber fights? the good guys just learned about it and they were able to hold their own against the dark sided guy and he was trained by that giant holographic.

also more family connections and twins is just copying an original idea to me

special effects did not exceed the last 3 star wars movies, infact besides the superstar cast on this one Id say the story and effects were better on the last 3 movies if you ignore jar jar binks (*thank the lord they didnt bring him back)

However with the movies that came out this year, starwars is the best it gets atm......

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