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  1. I feel u brokei inherited my mom's r/t thing losses water and can't find where it's coming from and there's not under it
  2. brother got this yesterday 98 how lucky ass go I for 3200 https://imgur.com/VAxCorw
  3. good that is one beautiful amp
  4. you shouldn't do anal after taco Bell give it at least 72 hours
  5. good deal got me a flat rate box coming thanx for the savings
  6. where the hell did you find those I've been looking for that style forever
  7. i hate to see speeds like that no where around me even gets 100. ive been bitchin cuz i dont have wifi right now and my carrier speed is shit
  8. wow pm to vote for someone ive never talked to here getting desperate. to bad i already voted bud

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    2. ChevyBoy95


      Glad mrdeebeez has the edge over him. Hope he wins it.

    3. Mr DeeBeez
    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I voted for Deebeez

  9. r.i.p. hugh hefner

    1. WalledSonic


      What a life to live.  And to live it til 91yo?  What a fucking rockstar.  RIP indeed.

    2. Ron36


      That man had a great life RIP 

  10. you know there are damb asses out there thinking that what thats for
  11. started a new job last week and wake up sick monday been out 3 days not looking good
  12. uh my 82 toyota doesnt have an arrow to tell me what side its on
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