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Simple but BEAST Status - New Gaming PC Build 2016 - Core i7 6850k - GTX 1080ti (x2) SLI - 7680x1440 - M.2 SSD - 8TB (UPDATE: Upgraded cards to Ti's) Page 5

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8 hours ago, Karkov said:

  Oh and also, is that a 750 watt PSU?  Do those GPU's throttle down ever or is it enough?  I'm going to have to go back and check out the build, I wanna see the exact MOBO and CPU you are using...  Also, a 1TB M.2 is insanity!!!!

He has a Corsair AXI1200 watt PSU in his 'main' rig. I have the same PSU and it's plenty enough. A 750 watt PSU might still work but he'd be cutting it close with the 1080tis. Personally I don't care for SLI and you would only gain a bit of frames while running in 4K but other than that a single 1080ti is way more than enough. Again, it's good for running 4K resolutions to see a benefit otherwise it might be doing more harm than good considering bugs of SLI.

Steve, get yourself one of these electric dusters-


They're so much better than compressed air and pack a big time punch. Bye-bye dust!


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1 minute ago, Th3pwn3r said:


yes, i have a 1200 in my MAIN pc. The 750 is in the shop PC. That is probably cutting it close. But i don't mind.  It should be fine..actually, i have gamed on it several times and it is more than fine. It is spectacular.  


As for the SLI comments, i will say this.  Maybe for a single monitor it might not be necessary, but don't forget, i run 3 monitors in surround 7680x1440 and trying to push 144hz is no joke.  So some people it may not benefit but for people like me, i need extra horse power. 

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1080's use way less power than even a 980 did, and hell when you get down to the 770 GTX its like 1/4 the power.  

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