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palaface    1

Hello everyone! New to this particular forum. 

I am looking to replace my old Rockford Fosgate T1 10D4 with something new. I ran the T1 for a long long time then stopped. I just don't feel it hitting in my chest like I remember. So hence the need to upgrade. I am running a Rockford Fosgate Prime R500x1d. Birth sheet says 633 RMS so real world I'm estimating 560 RMS. 

I have seen the SA-10 rated at 500 RMS but I've seen conflicting details. I do not want to under power this sub. 

I know the sd.3 is supposed to be more SQ based and has an rms rating of 500 rms.

Obviously I would like whichever speaker I decide to have good SQ but I also want to feel it in my chest. I miss that feeling and watching everything in my truck shake.


Any opinions or advice in either direction would be much appreciated.


Thank you

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twalker182    67

If you want that "punch in the chest" feel, get the SA-10 and port it. It will still handle that RF amp.

I had the SD-12. I liked it but it's made for sealed enclosures only.

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twalker182    67

I had an E-10 and those get loud too on very little power too. If you had the room, you could almost do two (2) E-10s.


But to your original question....I think the SA is a no-brainer. What vehicle is this going in?

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palaface    1

I do not have the room for (2) of any sub lol. This is going in my 1996 Chevy K1500. It's my daily driver and my son rides in it with me. No room to go under the seats for subs. For now this will be built directly behind my drivers seat since that will still leave me a little bit of storage room on the back seat in between his car seat and the sub box. Now once he's old enough to ride upfront that whole back seat is coming out and I'll go back to getting a bit crazy again lol. 

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twalker182    67

Strap him on the roof and build a wall......

So your box will essentially be in the backseat behind you....correct?

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