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"Shadow" 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK/4th Order/(4) 8's/DC 3.5K/Large Case Hairpin US Alts

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45 minutes ago, Karkov said:

I think it *IS* the port, depending what area you're talking about.  Page 6 has like 100 pictures if you want to go back.  Only sealed section appears to be the large bottom, horizontal cavity, where all the subs sit width wise in the jeep, everything above that is port.  Looks like he did it that way for port length.  I am just guessing.  Would be interesting to use that SMD tool that tells res freq and all that on this box.  I love this build.

Thanks man!  Theres an impedance plot for this box when we had the smaller port on page 3... I need to take data again with the bigger port and volume to show the difference in impedance rise.  Will probably get that data this next weekend.  We're finishing up the lexan rear window today.


Chevy Sonic Wall (4) 15's on 10k Build Log


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Jeep Wrangler JK (4) 8's in a 4th Order Build Log


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