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2015 Cadillac Escalade Armageddon Twin Turbo install - Going in for MORE Horses! 1,000hp Engine Upgrade 3/14/18

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30 minutes ago, maplekush1 said:

i watch all your vids but cant afford a good system i live in section 8 i have a honda crv 2007

work hard bro, make your way out of section 8 and you will have everything you ever wanted.  You don't really need a "good system" right now.  But you will in time!!! stay at it! good luck!

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34 minutes ago, maplekush1 said:

damn brother your tahoe is bad ass hey if your ever in venice beach hit me up please help me with my system my shit suckss bad 

this doesn't really have anything to do with the Tahoe but thanks LOL. ;D 

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looks like a crazy project.  If you need turbo help.  A great company to call (they are out here in wi) but they do a lot of high end car engine builds and mods.  would be a great place to contact for help.  Im guessing you have all the help you need.  But iv see you're like I am, get ALL the ducks in a row correctly before making right decisions. 

Good luck cant wait to see the videos on it.

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