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I just bought a dd1 distortion detector and I was wondering what track I should play to tune my amp. They have -5db, -10db, and -15db. I currently use a usb with all songs downloaded at -7.5db and want the loudest and cleanest sound I can get out of it. I have 4 skar ddx 15s on a crescendo 4.5k @ 1 ohm. And will using a dd1 make my system much louder if tuned right?

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The dd-1 wont make anything louder. It only allows you to set your gains correctly. If the music you listen to is -7.5db then I would set it using the -5db track. That should give you 2.5db of headroom. If you just want it as loud as possible set it with the -10db and just be careful in the upper limits of your volume. Another option would br to download a -7.5db track and use that to set it. 

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