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So, what's left on the agenda is 8 8" Sundown neo pro v.3's, 8 Sundown SA V.2 silk dome tweeters, 3 sets of 20' knukoncepts RCA's, 2 sets of 3' knukoncepts RCA's, 3 sets of RCA splitters for the 4 channels, 30' of knukoncepts 4/0 cable and to figure out where I'm going to get ring terminals that big, an OM1-TM1-VM1 combo pack, Full Tilt 8 awg and 12 awg OFC speaker wire, a hydraulic crimper, cable cutters, 40 square feet of NVX sound deadener, a cut sheet and plans, an accordion boot (I'm guessing about 6 or 7 feet) and I'm sure I'm missing something..... and on top of all that I need to figure out how I'm going to get a truck with 2 dead batteries to go get a shell put on. Any suggestions? 🤣

And I haven't even taken the old setup out yet. That should be fun! Lol

And when I get a chance, I'll stick one of those reducers on and see how they fit. 

Insert Chris rock voice here “Good lord that’s a lot of pieces!” Dang!! Took a quick peak, Amazon & eBay both carry terminals!

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‘16 ram. Net Audio. Taramps. JL. DS18.  Fox Acoustics. XS Power. 226.08” of DC Audio blue carbon fiber. 

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You have to get the correct Knukonceptz rcas. The ones I bought grabbed too hard and were so hard to get off where I was nervous about damaging my gear. I had to use pliers to wiggle them out my head unit and it made me think I was gonna hurt my head units rcas. It was that tight. Same thing when I tried to get them off a saz3500d I use to have. I wouldn’t dare use them on my taramps amps because them rca inputs are not that sturdy. I had bought the karma v3 4channel rca cables. The prongs look the same as the klarity ones. So I’d stay away from them 2 models. If you are bent on knukonceptz rcas, then the krystal and krux cables would be better. I think. Them cables could have that too tight grip too. Idk. I love Knukonceptz wire and that all I use. But I don’t like their rcas because of that tight grip. Any good twisted rcas would do the same thing and work just as well and have a snug grip instead of a tight one. And don’t think that it’s gonna be ok if it’s too tight and you can just use some pliers or something to stretch out the rings on the rca prongs. The rings are so thick and rugged. Way more so than any rcas I’ve ever seen. And if the grip isn’t symmetrical as possible, then the connection of that rca signal isn’t gonna be good. It’s possible to do it. But it’s gonna be a headache. Fugh it, I’m gonna try. Lol!

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I was thinking about using the Krystal RCA's. I've heard nothing but good things about their durability and the way they don't let any outside noise in for a really good price. I've heard about the tight connections though. It actually pulled the connections smooth off my friends Skar RP2000.1. For the price and workability, I couldn't find anything better. Ther connections being too tight was really the only con, though like you said, it could be a big con. What would you recommend for 20' RCA runs? 

2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

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