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First rip at a full water loop..... be gentle, still learning.

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This case blows for air flow, ... add in temps being 3 digits for 6 weeks straight here, and, why not get a pump, cpu and gpu block,.. chuck a rad or 2 in there, and shove some water through things. 


Heat killer cpu block, EK gpu block, 360mm rad, 280mm rad, BEquiet silent wing pro fans, aquasuite quadro controller/software ( i dig this thing) , EK d5 pump,res, fittings,tubing.  Just a simple gaming rig, nothing serious. 

HyteY60 case/7800x3d/7900xtx/DDR5-6400 CL30/Asus Strix x670e-e/Seasonic 1000 prime titanium

Samsung g7 32" 240hz/Samsung g7 27" 240hz/ROG Azoth keys


First go with a loop,... and, I think ill add a loop to my other rig.  I have a flow sensor, and some other ish, ready to go in, when I get bored enough to stick it all in. Runs like a top. 



unnamed (24).jpg


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