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Tahoe System Rebuild 2009 is ALL BUT FINISHED and PLAYING!!!! UPGRADE to RF P2 8's 12/08/2009!

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im pretty sure he has a 10% discount for SMD forum members...... dont forget to use it when your ready!

thats awesome. ive been looking for a new butane iron, i was looking for a weller, but this one looks really nice and if its a cadillac like you say then it'll be worth the money for sure.

First Gen Xterra: Always changing


RF 360.3
RF T3002
RF T4004
RF T10001bd
Silver Flute 6.5"s
Tang Band 1" Tweeters
Sundown X18 in 7cubes net tuned to 32hz

Trust me .25 Blows your Load.

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hey steve when are your subs coming in

ive seen both vids and can wait to see the hoe on full tilt

97 exploder xlt2 18" obsidian audio daul 2 v2s1 sundown audio saz1500d at .5 ohm2 sets of alpine type r components1 MB quart onyx 125.4alpine cda-98871 mike singer 250 amp altxs d3400 in the backall kicker wiringBIG 3singer resonance killer sound deadner throughout

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you gonna put up the first demo vid?

03 Ram 1500 3.7 v6 quad cab

H/U: Pioneer 4200UB

Subs: 4 DC LVL 4 15s D1

Sub Amp: 2 Crescendo 3kwp strapped

Highs Amp: Crossfire xp240.2

Highs: Crossfire 2 rs69, 2 rs52


Batts: 5 sprinter data safe

Big 3 0ga

New Truck 03 Ram Build Log 6 DC Audio lvl2 15's

My Wrecked 99 Dodge Ram Sport Build Log

02 Ranger X Cab Build

02 Ranger Build 2


My linkhttp://www.crescendoaudio.com



Youtube Vids

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in all this you still make your kid plug his ears! props to you steve. seriously. i tell my kids the same all the time. granted im not bang'n 4 - 18's but im not going to be the reason for there hearing loss. they can do that when they are 16 and a slap some beats in there car.

oh yeah looks great all back together.


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LOL the Starbucks shit is great man, so I guess its safe to say your enjoying the new setup!

Isobaric - Refers to the practice of coupling two drivers together to make them act as one.

"Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go."

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The Destruction of a person builds character.



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By the looks on that second guy he wasnt too happy with the espresso machines jumping around lol. When I sit at Sonic here in town and turn my shit on you can watch there screens blink from the vibrations and man do they get pissed lol! Good video man, I dont think that kid had any idea of what he was about to hear!

Kenwood Excelon KDX-693 Head Unit

Kinetik HC600

Powerbass 6.75's in front doors

Powerbass 6.75's in rear deck

Powerbass 1000.1D

Powerbass 400.4

2 SA-12 inch Sundown Audio Subs

0 gauge Power Wire and Big 3

Custom Amp Rack

Code Alarm with remote start

Stinger Digital Volt Meter

My build log http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/51869-1996-chevy-blazer-build/

My youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/kanesdisciple

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looks good Steve, I need a demo

I have a ritual called "terminator". I crouch in the shower in the "naked terminator" pose. With eyes closed I crouch for a minute and visualize either Arnie or the guy from the 2nd movie. I then start to hum the T2 theme. Slowly I rise to a standing position and open my eyes. It helps me get through my day. The only problem is if the shower curtain sticks to my terminator leg. It sorta ruins the fantasy.
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