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Ummm I knew Focal's were expensive

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Maybe if i sold my truck and saved up i could get some :lol:

2000 GMC sierra 1500 ext cab

KMC XD Spy series rims

Front doors Fosgate punch 6 1/2's stock tweets

Rear doors Fosgate power 4x6's

Probox 10 and box under rear seat

Rockford fosgate R-500 Prime series amp (537 rms)

4 gauge wiring

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I'm sure some have seen these and if its a repost sorry.


Umm seriously, people would by these for a car? I'd be curious to hear them, but for the price, no thanks...even if I could afford them haha


i have to tell you that expensive dosent always mean its good

case and point


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at a certain pont can you really tell



The set up your talking about would sound great in my Tahoe. Trade you my dog for it. He has one eye but that only makes for bad depth perception so hey so what if he is running into shit, look at it this way he is easy to sneak up ninja style on. (right side only)

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Waste of money...


ovbiously you havent heard Focal yet...i havent heard the utopias but ive heard the polyglass and the K2 Powers...and those were AMAZING!!! and the utopias are even higher end....yea thats pricey but there AMAZING...

NoFearX18 said:

Nick will bang just about anything.....LMAO....pun intended

On 4/13/2010 at 9:51 AM, meade916 said:

i was like DAMN, Chode is hardcore! he makes james look like a friendly person LOL!

trainman0978 said:

I dont know who is worse with the buttholes Chode or Big P...





Team Deadly Hertz / Team DC Audio / Team XS Power


DuckretaryFEAR THE DUCK Durangho Chodes Blowthrough Build Youtube vids Muh Wife


Need DC Audio? Hit me up for pricing!!!

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at a certain pont can you really tell

You might not be able to tell, but some people can.

2008 California state record holder 157.2 Bassrace2009 California state record holder 157.0 BassraceRollin 50's 158.7db2009 King of Cali Bassrace2009 USACi score 160.5 @ 42hz
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