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Blackedout's DAT 08 Civic SI trunk rebuild UPDATES 10/15/2011 NEW VID!

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First off, I'd like to thank Bill (KingSUV AKA owner of Diablo Audio Technologies). If it wasn't for him, none of this would have happened. He laid out all the structure, cut the wood, and did basically all the fabrication involved with the build. The man has got some skills! What I did in this build is all the wiring from the front battery all the way to the back battery, deadened the whole car - minus the roof, - and wrapped some panels.

The ultimate goals of the project are:

1) Safe

2) Show Worthy - Both Competition and Car show.

3) Loud and clear

Sorry about the huge pictures....

The equipment: (We're shootin for 2 15s, but if all else fails... DD 10s are the last resort.)

Diablo Audio Technologies Hellfire 2500.1

C&D batteries

1/0 OFC wire

Aeros... Through the rear deck


The Car:


Old setup taken out.... Startin' fresh.


Layin' out the rear battery hold down.


Battery hold down completed and first layer wrapped, cut, installed, and bolted down.



First layer holds the rear fill/ tweeter amp. The wires you see stragglin are for the second layer, which you'll see in a second.


Second layer, hooked up... just to make sure everything works. We Gain matched the amps, and verified there's nothing but clean signals throughout the whole system :wub:


Damn, look at that hat!



False floor to cover up all the nice wiring we worked on.... That's how it gets done :D .... Safe was the number one goal in this build... No audio related fires here.


The Starts of the box.


Always a good sign right here:



More to come tomorrow and Wednesday! If all goes as planned, the trunk should be all done Wednesday!

Huge thanks to Bill again... Helpin out an amateur to the game and makin sure everything is safe and solid. B)

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looking good man, going to be watching this as i am in the middle of sorta the same type of build.

2007 Chevy Impala LS

1 Crescendo 3KWP

1Crescendo C1000/4

2 DC lvl 4 15's with lvl5 dual .7 coils

1Audio Control Matrix

1 Pioneer P880PRS

1 300 amp Iraggi alt

All power runs done with Knu flex 0/1 guage

1 optima yellow top under the hood

1 XS 5100 and two Deka's in the trunk

4 Crescendo MP-8 mid bass drivers

2 DB Drive p5 5 D Pro Audio tweeters

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I think the best part is all the sawdust on the car :D

I should of taken a few pics of him trying to clean the car off several times throughout the day :ph34r:

Designing, building, and shipping boxes. Yahoo IM - kingsuv00If the listening level is too loud, please inform the driver, so he can promptly pull over, and let you out.

not many cars can get me to pluggin my ears but this one.......damn. I mean the first minute is ok but that thing just really starts digging deeper and deeper in your earhole till you cant stand it no more. Seems like it does it with relative ease....16 12's on 8 amps.........gotta love it. :)

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I think the best part is all the sawdust on the car :D

I should of taken a few pics of him trying to clean the car off several times throughout the day :ph34r:

Don't hate! I was blowin the dust off the areas I was leaning on/ over so I didn't sand down my paint :blink:

Thanks for all the compliments! Lookin forward to hearing it. Should be considerable gains over the last setup with a combination of double the power, subs foward sealed off from the trunk, and possibly double the cone area. :wub:

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