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Is it sexy for women to have flower tattoo on breast

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i personally dont like any tats on or around a girls chest. shit is hella tacky. now a sleeve now thats sekkkksssyyyyy.

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depends on the flower and placement, i've seen some that look nice and some that look trashy

now a sleeve now thats sekkkksssyyyyy.


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Most women agree that the clevage area is off limits and I tend to agree. I'm pretty amazed at how well received tatts are now days. My wife is a middle school teacher and has 2 that are visible.

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Here at the McDonalds here, the only 3 white girls that work there have freaking tats all over there neck and shit, it looks like shit, and 2 of them could be pretty cute untill they did that, one of them has like Ricky tatted on her neck. Looks like white trash to me. I like the tats on the lower back or not noticable at all untill the cloths are off


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