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Hard Drive Copy???

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dont worry about erasing. hit that bitch with a hammer in the middle lol.

or you could freeze it and then thaw it out

or you could stick a big ass magnet on it. Or spill water on it. they aren't going to test it

#1 You can use a drill to make a hole through the platters and all the data around the hole can still be recovered.

#2 not exactly sure how freezing and thawing out a magnetic item will demagnetize it...

#3 as for the magnet..you need to open up the HDD in order for that to even be a possibility.

^^thats all if he's worried about data recovery.

If its just for dell to see that its fucked, then open it and take the r/w head and scrape it across the platter and close it up lol.


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Could open the drive up and pull the platters out then put it back together. No way they would get data then :)

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sledge hammer.. fire.. acid... theres been a few other experimental ways that i'll keep to my self about deleting data

microwave proves to be the quickest and most effective

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Thanks Treo, next time I'll shoot you a PM ahead of time.(if what they are saying about Dell is true then i will need future assistance,lol)

If I didn't have to send it out by 2morrow I would've most def sent it ur way...

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remind me again why i try to help? SMH


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One thing I usually explain to people is that if u have a non working drive and it is going to be RMA'd or sent back to manufacturer that unless you have classified trade secrets that could cause you to lose millions of dollars, it isn't worth your time to worry about deleting data off the drive... pictures and personal documents or even cached credit card data isn't worth any hackers time or effort to try to obtain off of a dead drive... there are tooooo many easier ways to get data and usually they go for mass quantities of cc numbers...

The horror stories about identity theft has so many poeple scared shitless about thier personal computers... Most times your cc info and personal info is obtained from spyware or viruses, not someone breaking into a hard drive manufacturers warehouse and sending a hard drive in and spending hundreds of dollars to send a drive to a clean room to MAYBE get a cc number or 2...

That's just my opinion... other words... if it is your own personal pc, I think you would be safe just sending the drive back to dell... When it gets remanufactured, they do dod wipes... Plus dell may charge you if you put a bullet hole in the drive! LOL! Even tho I kno a guy who would take a bandsaw and cut the drives in half when he returned them until Western Digital started charging his CC for new drives since they couldnt repair the drives he returned...

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we could say i have data recovery software that only a few companies *cough* bureau's have

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some software like that! hint hint lol

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