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  2. Well. Me going 3 way made it so i could use a bigger sub. But im still limited on space just not as much. But i am picking up an adire brahma 12 this week. To "test out"
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  4. Hope your bank isn't wired in series... You'll up voltage that way. 3 batteries would become 36v for example.
  5. Just download an image hosting site and copy the direct URL and paste here.
  6. Hmmm ... some fuckery going on here ... LOL I still say you need to go ported and tuned ... Just Saying
  7. If I can find a way to resize the pics to 13 kb, I will post a few I took along the way
  8. First I wanted to thank everyone for their .02 while i was redesigning this set up and others for the invaluable info Ive gotten this last month. Just got my buddy's music installed in his truck this weekend n wanted to share. This isnt the best pic, but when he gets his wire terminals and new RCA's delivered, will be finishing it up asap... still needs bedliner on anything not birch, a panel to cover the lower frame its mounted to n longer RCA's so we can put the top on the 6x9 panel/ amp rack. Heres a few pics I took along the way, but will post the finished product soon as we both have a free day. Tell me what ya think.
  9. There will be boring progress this week. Wiring up and finishing the amp rack and running the power for it all
  10. i would love to buy the oem
  11. Power level, listening goals, and space constraints?
  12. Can anyone help me with the best box design thank you Amp Kenwood 1000w class d 2 10in Kenwood shallow mount 250rms 1000 max peak In a 017 Mitsubishi outlander.
  13. Got the truck back friday, just finished rerouting the wiring, added a smd fuse block, smd distribution block, remote turnout relay setup, sky high fuse holder and Jegs battery tray (for the xs power battery). The truck is headed to Gately Audio for the CES alt install in the next couple of days.
  14. Are you after the OEM bass knob? Or just a bass knob? A PAC-LC1 goes inline with your RCAs and is a popular upgrade from included bass knobs
  15. hi everyone so I'm new here and i was wondering if anyone can help, I'm putting my sound system together again after years of not using them, and i'm looking for my original base knob but can't find it anymore i own 3 US AMPS 1 us amp 2000 and 2 us amp 1000X i'm really interested to buy 1 original knob does anyone know where i can get it from even used i don't mind as long as its working.
  16. The idea is to make the most of the subwoofer. I want to compete in the events of db drag in my country. I was reviewing the manual and provides some starting references but I do not know if you can provide me with any important information. Thanks
  17. You can always shrink it down if you don't like the outcome or output. Give it a shot..I bet you nail it.
  18. How is everyone doing

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      Sup big guy 😁


      Long time no see!

  19. UPDATE: My weekly parts/equip order showed up today. Nothing to exciting but useful never the less. Clarks 180 pcs 304 stainless Rivet nut set. 13" Nut/thread setting hand riveter kit. IRWIN vise-grip self-adjusting wire stripper. Quality feeling kit. Now i just need a reason to use it. lol Fridays delivery will have more exciting items. Paying myself for not smoking. Been 3 months.
  20. What are these actually for on the amp. Is it the "ground" for the rca or just to hold it in there. Because they come out whenever I take my rcas out and thought about just gluing them back
  21. So right off the bat, I'll admit...I'm not an SPL junkie. I'm just a guy who loves audio and enjoys the idea of a challenge. I also thought it would be cool to share the idea of this challenge so other people could join in. TFade has been hosting the $150 SPL Challenge for many years and this is my first entry. Unfortunately, my vehicle is a Toyota Sequoia, not a CRX, so no way I'm getting 150''s here...but who cares, it will still be fun! Any tips or tricks, let me know. Also, join in if you can. See the rules for the Challenge here: https://12voltmag.com/2019-150-spl-challenge/
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  23. Do your research and read a lot of reviews this site is a great start.
  24. Welcome to the forum! To clarify, do you mean SPL as in structured, metered comps? Or SPL as in you just want to get loud?
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