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  2. Cant sell it. Will is building my pillars to the speakers i have. So im not paying for pillars again
  3. Less talk more work.people are probably waiting for you to sale your gear off lol
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  5. I understand how much more output it will give me. That wasn't the question. I am trying this 4th order design because I know how much more output it will give. What I was wondering is will the 4th still be able to play down into the 20s like the slotted design will that I posted? I'm sorry, I probably should have explained that better.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Than i will by two duel 2ohm subs and build the box my self. I wanted to by the new skar box whit the two sdr 12" and put it on a skar rp2000 and run at 2ohm. Greatz Toon
  7. I have both t1 and L7 in the one yukon i have 2 10 t1s o. 1000 rockford amp and the other tahoe i have got 2 12 L7 o.n same amp .same setup different subs by far the T1 s bass is on point and deep asf . The L7 is ok its has its times when you can tell a differe ce but 9 out 10 of you fellows would choose the T1s they just sound better and hit a good bit deeper than the L7 but i like them both
  8. my sub collection is getting crazy. 6 sundown X12's, 2 Zv5 15's , 2 zv5 18's and a wee lil U series 15. Haha
  9. I currently have 2 Rockford Fosgate t0 15s. Im thinking on buying RF 2500.1bdcp and just turning the gain down. the t0 15s can only handle 800rms per sub. In about a year ill be getting subs that can handle more power. Ive seen birth sheets of the amp doing around 3k @1ohm should i just wire the subs to 4 ohm and the amp will push around 2k and play it safe with the subs, or do 1 ohm and turn the gain close to all the way down? what would you recommend?
  10. Not sure. Funky pups are made from non earth elements. No telling what those would do to a vehicle. Probably implode it
  11. I’m tired of you plugging my shit into a 220 outlet ...
  12. So you think the funky pups would work well in this application without blowing his shit all to hell ???
  13. Try switching the WinISD graph you are looking at from "Transfer Function Magnitude" to "SPL". The TFM graph is for looking a frequency response, but isn't good for comparing how much output you will get when comparing two enclosures.
  14. Yeah the orange was my first design on another thread on here that you actually also gave me input for. I began this thread trying to see if I could get the same or better than that from a 4th. The only thing for me I guess that I cant get ahold of is how low of lows the 4th will play. The orange slotted @31 will play to 26hz. Will the 4th reach that low from what I graphed out? (2.5 sealed 5 ported @45hz)
  15. Sure but you have to cross the parralel marzel veigns to the input of the parametric fans
  16. So you’re telling me you can Power a sub when your are plugged up to one side of a dual coil transducer ???
  17. Post your favorite for whatever reason in the comment section! I know mine Thanks for watching if you did!
  18. Haha its a dual coil sub so there must be 2 coils bro
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