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  3. Also. anyone wanna give me a crisp high five for guessing his reactive load over 2 years ago ??.? Naw..??? Guess I'll just go fuck myself ...
  4. Yuuuup. And I bet my house, I warned him of this when he was posting pics of the linear power amps way way back.
  5. first of all, hold the camera still man lol. second you are at 12 ohms and making 200 watts. thats probably wat that amp makes at 12 ohms.
  6. Hello everyone I'm an old school bass-head and new to the group...anyone know about anything for So-Cal Inland Empire bass-head groups? I'm in Ontario CA, thanks in advance for any info, cheers!

  7. Talk about the green monster! Jeff's van can sure draw a huge crowd around it. Short demo video but well worth the share. DC Audio FTW. His setup consists of 24 DC LVL4 12s 2 TARAMPS BASS 30KS SINGER ALTS FULL THROTTLE BATTERIES Recorded with Canon Rebel T3i Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 lens Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6 lens Canon 50mm 1.8 Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR THE ARTISTS The links to my social medias are below. https://www.facebook.com/luke.schaller https://soundcloud.com/rallybass88 http://instagram.com/schallerphotography
  8. Disconnect the rca's from the amp, if it still does it your amp is gone.
  9. Disconnected speakers still does it
  10. I will do that tomorrow thank you
  11. So essentially with these lithium’s if you over charge them beyond their max charge rate you just reduce the life of the cells. It’s been a couple months since I’ve researched all this so forgive me if I’m wrong but I’ve heard of people running multiple alts on lithium beyond the max charge rate and have been fine. The agm will bring down the lithium for sure but it depends on the chemistry. Since you have multiple alts I say run a lithium side and an agm side. Run bass amps off lithium and 4 channels off agms or something or all on lithium. I would never mix them because your never getting your max lithium potential with mixing the two
  12. The condition the battery is in might affect how its charged, i'm no expert just tossing out ideas. I know a lot of chargers can detect things then charge accordingly.
  13. Because your impedance is up at 11 ohm, or higher. I didnt watch the vids. Just guessing. . Back when you where asking all the sq questions, back in the day and you wanted to wire at 8ohm, some of ua told you, you were gonna struggle to make power. I think I told you in a thread youd need a HUGE board, to see power wired around the moon. A few hundred watts at double digit impedance lift, ain't bad.
  14. I would try what he said next. Do them in order. Also make sure you place the file by itself on the root of the USB. Not in the folder
  15. I wouldn’t do all those “test” to that particular amplifier and blow the Feedback circuit.
  16. The person you need to be talking to is Robert Rayfield at www.linearpower.com The specs to this amplifier is clearly posted on his website and I can personally guarantee you they are correct.
  17. Try an old USB that has a smaller capacity. Like a 2gb or smaller.
  18. Radio was professionally installed by a shop and parking brake was wired correctly. File was extracted from the zip file. Not sure about the legacy updates though. Thought about that though
  19. but now how batteries work. shouldn't they immediately reach full charge current and slowly rise in voltage over time? not immediately reach full charge voltage then increase in current and drop back down to like 12.98v then slowly go back up in voltage again? My other batteries just reach max current immediately and start at like 12 to 13v and slowly increase until they reach 14.7v then the current slowly drops until its full.
  20. I have a sundown x10 v2 (d4) with the megaroll surround hooked up to a wolfram w3k wired to 2 ohms. It's backed up by a 250 amp JS alt and for now just my shitty lead acid starting battery. The subwoofer is in a 2.0 cu ft vented box tuned to 32. My issue is that starting at 24 hz at full tilt the subwoofer surround starts wrinkling and making an audible popping sound. I thought I was bottoming out the coil at first but this thing has I think 30mm of xmax and an additional 20mm of clearance from the suspension on top of that before mechanical bottom. If I free air the sub on the song I was using for reference (DJR Burbans and Lacs 24 hz) the sub doesn't have an issue it throws down the note no problem but as soon as its in the box at full tilt it starts wrinkling the surround and making a noise when the surround pops back into place. If the cd player is at 45 it doesn't make that noise, but as soom as I go to 46 on the deck I get it. For reference I listen to everything else above 24 hz at 50 on the deck no issue. I'm not sure if this is even something I can fix, just wondering if maybe my box is the issue or if it's just something I have to live with. I also want to mention I shrunk the box by half a cu ft to see if that would fix my issue and it's still popping. Maybe it's just the subwoofer unloading below tuning, not really sure. I can always just delete tracks below 24 hz it's not a major deal for me to play this low I'm just genuinely curious if this could be fixed.
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