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Found 62 results

  1. Alright finally the day has come to start on this thing. I'm gonna start with talking about the name. My buddy that passed funeral was today. He was the one friend That when I would show YouTube videos to and talk about what I was gonna do didn't think it was "stupid" or "retarded". He actually thought it was cool and would always ask when he was gonna get to see my windshield doin the wave lol. He was one of a kind and a great dude. My nickname for him was Dirty Deeds (yes the AC/DC song). It fit him very well. So no matter what I was starting this build and log on the day of his funeral. This will be my little memorial and the way I keep him with me. By the way, this is not meant to be sad at all. Death is a part of life and we all know that. This is just my way of coping and keeping his memory alive.
  2. This is a slow build log because I need to get the truck running again first. Mods done to the truck over the years 305 5.0 replaced with a crate 5.7 350 330hp 400ftlb torque Auburn Posi with 4:10 gears Shorty headers Full Flowmaster dual exhaust from the headers back 18" Dante Designs wheels licensed with the Cragar Logo. Like only 200 sets were made from what I am told. shaved door handles smoothy front bumper Stillen Phantom grill BIG 3 stinger HPM 0/1 Mechman 370 and 250 hairpin Alt, and JS 350 hairpin Alt Rear bench replaced with custom mounted fold up jump seats. Billet Dash Belltech 2" 4" drop kit Energy Suspension Polyurathane bushings Body mounts, sway bar, control arm Edelbrock performer IAS shocks 96 computer replaced with 2002 GM 0411 PCM (easier to mod) Dyno tuned XS s3400 under the hood Automatic 4L60e to Manual NV3500 transmission swap. Luk Clutch Hurst short throw shifter kit High performance distributor from DUI distributors new carpet new Corbeau racing buckets Custom center console Leaf spring helpers still to be done Fiberglass doors Vinyl head liner Seal off blowthrough Vmax Manifold/plenum Spacer get retuned on the Dyno Caddy tail lights Equipment purchased for the System so far Copper CNF battery terminals 150' Sound Quest Hybrid 1/0 70% OFC / 30% CCA 2 Power T2000 Rockford Fosgate 2 Fi SP4 15's with the new surround 1 Power T15004 Rockford Fosgate 3 sets of Fosgate T1675-s for the doors 4 Rockford fosgate P2D4 8's 3 sheets of 3/4 MDF 72sqft of sound deadener 6 Datasafe 135ah UPS batteries Alpine IVA -105 HU Still to purchase for the System 1 set 4x6's for rear fill And finally what I have for sound today Crappy $90 Kenwood to get me buy (My cda-7878 died) 3 1/2" Fosgate mids for rear fill (powered by headunit) 4" Fosgate mids in each door (powered by headunit) 1" Alpine Tweeters in each door (powered by headunit) 2 Fosgate 8" D4 tuned 35hz 1 Fosgate punch 500.2 bridged to 500 @ 4ohm And now for pics of the truck and what it looks like today. used pedal assembly for tranny swap 1 of 2 new seats Hurst short throw shift kit Performance Distributor The POWER The Mess as it sits today And here is the box plan for after the truck runs again
  3. browser keeps crashing so this will be done in sections. Let me start with saying this build was done in the sub 20 temperatures with occasional snow showers. I only had 3 days to complete build due to long work hours so it was kinda rushed! I came here looking for ideas on a new build to upgrade from my original 4 kicker comp cvr's and this is the results! 160 Ft" of 2/0 EB-Flex welding cable 2 XS D3100's Sky High fuse blocks Sky High 200 amp fuses Sky High 1/0 oversided copper lugs Sky High shrink tube 1 set of aluminum battery blocks
  4. I have recently started my build and am in the asthetics stages, i will be redoing my headliner, making fiberglass door panels and doing all my electrical. I am still undecided on what subwoofers to install, i have a 2003 tahoe with the third row of seats removed so i dont think that room is an issuefor the box size. I am thinking 2 15"s and i really like both the Fi.BL and the Audioque HDC315. I want to get loud and would like to keep the price around 350$ a woofer. I also know there are a lot of DC fans on here but i have never researched there products. if you have any input on which one you suggest or what you like from experience that would be much appreciated. I am 18 and this is my first major build and its on my daily driver car so the subs need to be able to play day in and day out. thanks.
  5. I currently have an AQ2200D, I'll be running 0 gauge for everything, including the Big 3. I'll be running two 12" Fi SSD's fully loaded, if that info helps. I'm looking to upgrade my battery under the hood as well as putting a battery in the trunk. I've looked into xs power, tempest, dekas, etc. I do not know what to look for when finding the right batteries for my application. I'll be using this system as a daily ground pounder. Thank you all for your knowledge.
  6. Hello ,im in need of help on deciding on the coil option for my subs i have choose a pair of FI Q 10's running off of a DC audio 3.5k . My problem is that i have a box which is sealed and has two chambers (one for each sub) with seperate terminals for each sub ,so i was wondering if i was to get the dual 1 ohm coils and wired them at .5 ohms on each sub would they be summed up to one ohm at the amp (DC 3.5k) because i know it is a mono with two pairs of outputs so i assume they are internally summed ... or am i wrong .....any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks .
  7. So I have recently upgraded from P315's to a Fi audio BL15 and I want to build a box for it tuned to 33Hz. The dimensions of my truck are L38xH17xD16. Any ideas guys?
  8. Looking for a XXX v3 motor. if you have full subs with original parts I can make offers on those as well. I know what they are worth depending on the condition. I have cash or trades what ever you prefer.
  9. my box dimensions are 48 1/2" x 22" x 24" all i.d. and i want my subs side by side with port on one side, both fi btl n2. So i would like port width depth and back length please. all help appreciated
  10. I am doing away with my 4x12 setup and going to a 2x18 setup with Fi sp4's. I plan on running one Crescendo BC 5500 on each subwoofer wired down to a single ohm on each amp.(not strapped.) I wanted to build a custom dual chambered ported box for this setup and so far I have a few ideas of my own but am very unsure if it will give me the most spl and output!!! I can go 48Wx32Hx28L maybe even 33H 39.5x31 face 48x28 top 48x28 bottom 27x31x27x31 port L 26x31x26x31 right 48x31 back 22.5x31x22.5x31 tuned to around 30hz and 32ish after sub displacement.. 8Cubes per sub. too big or? I open for Ideas, I have plenty of power for the amplifiers MM Elite 370 and three HC1800, 60 feet of 1/0 RF OFC
  11. I'm planning to purchase a Fi sp4 15 or a similar type subwoofer in the near future. I was wondering what your guys opinion is on getting a hifonics colossus 3200w amp or 2 mb quart onyx 1.2000d amps to power the one 15. I'm trying to stay around the $500 range for an amp purchase. Thanks.
  12. I currently have a 15" AA Mayhem and i was considering getting a second one for my new vehicle. i was also considering switching over to FI but i don't know anything about their new subs. i just wanted to see if anyone on here has experience with the neo magnets and how do they compare to the ferrite?
  13. i just sold my 2 AQ HDC3 12inch subs and im ready to upgrade just don't know what subwoofers to get to many options has to be 2k rms + im running 2 strapped aq 2200 at 0ne ohm my voltage drops to high 13s low 14s im guessing i have 5k rms available my box is gross internal volume is 5.15 cuft port is 8" diameter and 15" long 36.8Hz, 50.24 square inches of port area. i thought about team ifs or sp4 12s but it doesn't have to be fi. that's just what im most impressed with right now this is my log http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/194077-04-gmc-reg-cab/#entry2907502
  14. Hey guys I have finally caved and made the decision to start design the box for the wall in the vic. I have taken some basic dimensions and come up with a rough mock-up torres design. For the woofer and bracing displacement I just threw numbers in because I wasnt too sure on the exact ones yet. Let me know if there is anything I did wrong so I can make the changes. Thanks. Opinions always welcome.
  15. First time actually posting a build log but this year, I guess I will. I have done This will be the 3rd build in this Tahoe and I'm designing a C pillar wall with my wife (who actually has a ton of creative input.) I wish I could post some pictures!! First I am going to log a tear down of my initial build. This weekend I will start the tear down .
  16. so I dd-1 and cc-1 my 2 fi btl 18s running at 4 ohms since I don't have charging system in my Silverado to run them at 1 ohm. im running them off a mtx te1501d wired with 1/0. Anyways I did everything to the T on instructions as far as I know I crossed it at 80hz and my amp gain is almost all the way up without clipping and head unit was measured as well but I have been using it since thurs and at high volumes I am starting to smell my speakers burning and im wondering why since im only pushing these at 4 ohms with a little over 600 watts and it shouldn't be clipping, what did I do wrong. when I did my head unit I set settings to flat I did everything I was supposed to.
  17. Okay so its time to start writing up a build log for my F-150. Gonna be a bit slow, but it will get there. It'll be going through "stages" but eventually it will be full awesomeness!! Working part-time (if you can even call it that) The victim: 2000 F-150 5.4 Extended Cab (111k miles on body, 40k on motor) Current Equip: -Pioneer HU Single DIN -Front Doors: MB Quart Discus 6.5 (Not amped) -Rear Doors: Infinity Reference 6x9 (Not amped) -Subwoofers: 2 Kicker CVR 12" -Seperate Boxes: Birch built to 2.9 cu ft tuned to 30hz (Built them for the eventual upgrade The Planned: -Pioneer Double Din or Alpine Single DIN (Dunno yet, not too worried) -Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Tablet -Crescendo PWX 6.5 all around -Crescendo Super Tweets -Sky High Car Audio -FIBERGLASS EVERYWHERE -Crescendo Amps -Fi SSD Subwoofers
  18. I recently burned up the tinsel leads on my fi sp4 15 I have never reconed a sub before, so i'm wondering if it would be worth it to order the recone kit from fi, and do it myself, or pay more for them to do it. Is it very difficult to recone it? Also, Would you recommend the fi recone, or another brand like psi?
  19. Well I've been here a year, had my system a year, and haven't really posted anything about it. Figure since I'm starting to put some more money and time into modding it, I might as well start up a log. My dad bought me the truck the February of my freshman year, I'm about to finish my junior year now, with 142k miles on the clock. Had a fairly fresh crate Vortec 350 and 4L60E combo stuck in it at ~110k miles. Got it for a cool $3500. Currently, it has 163k miles, pretty much stock everything. Stock 110a or whatever alt, a new Duralast Gold battery, and the stuff in my signature. It's time for pics! First weekend it was at my house... Exterior is stock, apart from the HUGE dent in the fender which you can see in this picture from when it snowed in January, and yes it was stuck there for 3 days. I've got space for another Fi 10 back there or a single 12. But not much space. Not posting my first box, that thing was a disgrace, lol. But here is my current box. 1.59 net, 2x3 inch ports, 1/2 inch Russian Birch. 1.24 after displacements tuned to like 33.5hz. Clears the SSD PERFECTLY and should clear a BL 10 also. Which is my planned sub upgrade if I stay with a single sub. A little Fi beauty... And the JB weld on the dustcap is from the dustcap popping off during the summer.... Here is todays progress though, stripped the entire interior, reran RCA's, power wire, and the monsterous 14 gauge SkyHigh speaker wire to my doors from my old school Fosgate Punch 40x2 Trans Ana. My floor is FILTHY. But it went from this... to This. And hella clean wiring Thanks for the fast shipping skyhigh! It got too dark to take pictures of the doors... Besides this one before I went and ate my early birthday dinner(Chicken fried steak, mashpotatoes/gravy, and fresh grean beans)... I need some deadener and better door speakers bad! But Those little DS65's have a 14 gauge direct lead to each of them. Sound pretty decent off the 40 or 50 watts the Punch 40x2 is sending them. I got a Nexus 7 for my birthday, deciding on either swapping the Pioneer AVH-P4400BH double din I have in my garage for the CZ501 single din or doing something like this with the Nexus 7 on a removable mount... That's all my progress for today. It's a pretty slow build due to work, summer college classes, and budget. Along with my 90 F250 that I'll post in my next post. Any comments are appreciated guys.
  20. Hello all, this is my first major build and now that it's finished I have a few questions. Here is a list of what I have installed. Fi Sp4 15 d2 fully loaded Audioque2200d SHCA 1/0 wire Xs Power D4700 My voltage holds well, playing full tilt it drops to 13.7. I have the set up firing towards the rear and the back seats up(Chevrolet Cruze). I just feel like I should be louder than what I am, but I could be wrong I don't know. I do know that I need deadener...lol, but once I do put deadener in should I turn the set up around and seal it off from the trunk? Just need some wise advice from people here. Thank you guys.
  21. Was at 4 gauge for the longest time, till I discovered my secondary battery in the back wasn't getting any charge, so had to go buy some 1/0 awg. Got my battery some 1/0 awg. Now I've got tha powwa. I Then traded my t1 10s for a fi bl 15(: The box I got it in was messed up all to ish so I ripped the carpet off and started painting.. Meanwhile.. After the paint I went ahead and let it cure for 24 hours. Then put the sub in the box and Waaahhlah! Amp is no longer resting in the celica, as to being sold to my friend for some cash on my new soundstream coming here soon. Meanwhile, I changed the background on my pioneer to something a little more appropriate. Got my new decals on and we're ready to go.. for now..
  22. Just a quick video of White Clouds playing on the Sp4 12's Completely forgot to turn my phone sideways to make the video but owell, enjoy anyway!
  23. Fi SSD 12 MB Quart 1500.1 PPi sedona s320.4 about 1.9 cubic foot box tuned to 35 hertz with a kerf port Custom amp rack The speakers are already installed! Heres the car Currently im working on the box test fitting the box
  24. So i had a different build log with my 1999 Grand Prix. Transmission took a shit, so i'm starting my build on my new car! 2006 Ford Fivehundred Sel 160,xxx miles but all highway. Got this car for a really great price. I know it isn't the coolest looking car, but it is really nice, and for the price, i had to jump on it. Equipment: Head unit: Kenwood ddx371 Sub: Fi SP4 15 Sub Amp: SoundQubed 3500.1 Speaker Amp: Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 Speakers: Rockford power 6x8's Battery: Kinetik HC1400 under the hood Alternator: Mechman 240A G series Here's the car: Console opened Bunch of stuff laying on the ground when car was taken apart Kenwood in And i actually just noticed the scratch on the wood above the hu. Damn lol pic with stinger volt meter Driver side where the power wire is. Forgot to take pictures, but remote wire, 2-channel, and 4-channel RCA ran in same spot, but passenger side. Here's the wire Under the hood: HC1400 Q-Mat on trunk lid Q-Mat on top of trunk Amp installed. (dont mind the black tape on ends of wires. fuse is taken out of power wire. its not hooked up because my alternator is bad and waiting for new one to be installed before i hook it up. just got it all ready to hook up Don't have a pic of the sub in the trunk, but here's the sub and box that is going in it. This is when it was in my Grand Prix That's all i have for now. Just waiting for my alternator, and to get it put in. Cant wait!!!!
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