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  1. I know a lot of people in here have younger kids so maybe they can help out with this. My little sister is 5 and started kindergarten this week. A note was sent home yesterday from the teacher saying that she was crying throughout the day and if we could send in a picture to maybe cheer her up. We asked her about it and she said she missed my mom and was sad (kind of typical for younger kids, no big deal). Today the school nurse called and said she got so upset she threw up. As it turns out, she's also sad that she has to sit at a separate table during lunch (she has SEVERE allergies) and also she said some kids are making fun of her on the bus. I will have to talk with the bus driver. Now this isnt like a rough school at all, but I'm pissed that kids would make fun of her. Makes me wanna go punch some little kids. She does have one friend that she knows in a different kindergarten class. i am going to ask the school if she can sit with her during lunch. anyone else have to deal with their kids being sad in school?
  2. car stereos have been sounding good for a couple years now. My buddies 08 honda sounds amazing compared to a couple years ago. I think the average person would accept a stock system. I would swap it to make it as stock as possible.
  3. just bought a JL 500/1//////woot!

  4. yup. most of them are made by members. just have to buy some copper or aluminum strips and drill some holes in them if you want to do it yourself.
  5. wait so you are upgrading your rear speakers? those would be fine. Rear fill shouldnt be overpowering the fronts anyways. and i would not buy components unless you are concerned with passengers in the back seat complaining about sound quality. My rear 6x9s are unplugged.
  6. Wait? What was the explanation? He just said "sorry, i guess weve been taking too much out." wtf man.....splain this shit.
  7. xmas is 5 months away and you're asking about subs now? there will probably be better recommendations in 5 months.
  8. ive never seen him meter sealed. He competes NSPL format.
  9. The cavalier is super loud. actually my favorite setup in the area. Beajay is a member here if you want to message him about the subs. He told me he loved them and took all the power he threw at them when i asked a while ago.
  10. Some competitors do that and then charge it later. Thats fine if you arent giving long demos. But why not just go with 12 volts and run more batteries and still have a solid electrical? are you burping only?
  11. You have to charge the batteries at a higher voltage. Or else it would be the batteries charging the alternator LOL. Just stick with a bunch of 12v xs batteries and a beefy alt to keep them charged.
  12. Are you planning on running a 16 volt alternator and then running a step down module?
  13. holy shit you're still alive! his sig is within the limits of the rules. i dont see the big deal...
  14. man for real you have more than quadrupled this wishlist. and you have your own crew out there. Must be nice
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