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  1. LOL looks like he really needs them too...... ohhwellz congrats to the winner
  2. it would work better if you had no speakers in the door......if it's deadened properly, you'll be able to knock on the outside of the car door and it'll sound strong and solid.... were atm it will sound weak/thin and tinney. there is a tutorial on this I think, do a search
  3. it'll work, but it's not done properly and wouldn't sound as good as if you seal off all access holes in the door and dynamatted the inside and outside of the inner door
  4. yeah same, reading the reviews and shit people gave it I was thinking it would be the same shit with different names ect, but tis different that's for sure
  5. keep rubbing it in........ should just bust out a sicky and go home lol
  6. you fuckers, I gotta go get it at lunch, then I gotta wait another 8 hours b4 I knock off work, dam todays gonna be a long day lol
  7. well, i'd expect it to be much the same as fc3, but hopefully longer story and bigger map
  8. gonna grab it tomorrow, tis gonna be a sick game if it's anything like farcry 3
  9. unlucky mate.....contact the shop you got the batt from and send them a pic of it.
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