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  1. thanks for the positive feed back and im glad to hear you are happy with everything
  2. that was deff cool, it was just crazy watching him do that
  3. yes i know they pulled out of the us, but i was just saying that i never had a prob with shipping from them
  4. ive never had a prob with dhl but oh well its just me, but every company messes up at some point
  5. well i mean u answered your own question right there man, you said your ground is messed up so go fix that and i bet everything runs fine
  6. damn that suxs man but it will be allright but i would look into the local laws and see if there isnt something you can do
  7. ive herd of them, ive just never messed with that radio, but from what ive seen from them it should be an allright radio
  8. the last time i saw one of these, the shop i was working for had me install this into a pos car with no electrical and a hc2400 and the guy blew it in under 20mins because he didnt listen to me and turned it all the way up droped voltage really low but on a good note it was a beautiful amp.
  9. yeah that does seem a little high i would look else where to get it done
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