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  1. Any ride we own is a sweet ride...fosho. You mentioned busted water pipes and I thought "shitballs!". Hopefully paperwork and buffing will pan-out to your desire
  2. New enclosure build design for noob please

    Yep, you got it. Those numbers match the plans.
  3. Your fine with that. Whats your new charger? Got a link?
  4. You could bend to fit if you wanted to get crafty. Many ways to skin that cat imo. Good luck
  5. Your rear batts wired in parallel is basically one larger battery. You can pile on as many positives and negatives on ether end of your jumpers that will fit the battery terminal with no worries. But imo a bus bar is better, cleaner way to go. Replace your jumpers with flat barstock (copper or aluminum), drill/tap holes for hardware and mount your wired lugs. Members rides and builds has a lot of photos regarding the same. Check em out!
  6. Welcome to the forum. Incorrect grounds would be the cause IMHO. Pictures of how you wired your power and grounds would be helpful. Anything but photobucket.
  7. Sweet. Simple-ish...yup, me too. Looking forward to seeing your voltage results! Factory rims and tax season FTW!
  8. Nice job Mitchaford..all loomed and tidy. Are you tying in the rear bank with the caps or going with caps only? Tuned
  9. Tube pre amp

  10. Today, just for shits, I flipped my single 15 in a 6th - ports up...yuck! What was once a 6th tuned to 55 and 25, turned into a single slot tuned to 34hz. Rolled off on both ends dramatically.
  11. My second attempt

    Looks like they line-up right. Nice work! What's your voltage like now? Sub up port back, I'll take the kids. Lol