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  1. Awsom. Yeah that's the part I could never get my head around... Wire coils outside the enclosure. Where is the tutorial on that one... LOL. I don't mean to over steer this thread but that topic would be one to elaborate on with pics and shit
  2. Yeah, I was in a pinch. Dude had 8awg speaker wire and well...That's what I came up with. Had to file the male side a little.
  3. No solder. Just twisted and clamped down with the included set screw
  4. I've used 4awg to 8awg aluminum reducers before. No scientific testing to prove it was the best alternative but it worked for a build I did a while back. Still running strong today. Try Knukonceptz, good gear affordable. Proly someone got a better solution. See what they say first
  5. That bracing...and the solid 45. Shoot that's nice Triticum. Trying to imagine that ear goodness! Tuned
  6. Recommend a few pro drivers?
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