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  1. That bracing...and the solid 45. Shoot that's nice Triticum. Trying to imagine that ear goodness! Tuned
  2. 8ten8

    great midbass

    Recommend a few pro drivers?
  3. 8ten8

    A pillar question

    https://www.cdtaudio.com/installs/speaker_placement.htm https://www.cdtaudio.com/installs/mounting.htm
  4. http://www.knukonceptz.com/mobile-audio/power-wire/
  5. He-Man vs Skelitor. Stay tuned kids...lol
  6. 8ten8

    End Table HT Subs

    The hardware is a nice touch too
  7. 8ten8

    Kicker vs FI Audio/Pro Audio

    Wow, sex sells I guess
  8. 8ten8

    texture spray for subwoofer box

    I've used Raptor Liner, love it. Use it on my next build for sure.
  9. Yeah, mad bright. Your shit bangs dude, I need to move to TX lol