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  1. There's no reason to tune that low....unless it was for HT use. Cam is trollin' ya'll.
  2. I'm a CNC machinist at an aerospace company. Guess we got similar interests.
  3. Suit yourself. If you change your mind, lmk... Btw, here's a pic of what I did to some copper not too long ago..
  4. This site has too much ads. I scroll down, and automatically scrolls back up, w/o me touching the mouse....very annoying.
  5. @Walledsonic, I just recently made some buss bars from solid copper for a member on here, Nkrell11. The stuff is tricky to work with but doable. The material likes sharp tools. Using right sized drill bit to match tap will help also.
  6. For a small fee, I could help ya out. I got one of these....
  7. Here she is with her top off....lol
  8. 1st t-line enclosure and build....
  9. Our neighborhood has been thru some theft lately. Last week, noticed my gas cap in my neighbors yard, gas tank door wide open. Someone wanted gas more than I did...
  10. Uhhh...no, hate to tell ya but it hasn't. I've bought movies before in the past at this particular location and it's a mile from my house and not a once have I got carded. It had to have been a recent thing. Thanks society....for ruining it for other people. I can understand if I were to buy alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, etc....but a movie? GMAFB.
  11. Did you get carded there for buying a movie there like I did last week?
  12. Another bonus check from work coming my way soon.
  13. How the hell do people afford 2 mortgage payments?!?! And I mean a reg home for family and another as a vacation home? I watch House Hunters sometimes on TV and just blows my mind when people have a spending budget of 500k-550k for example for a vac home. I barely get by on what I'm doing...with one mortgage. Unless I win the lottery that might be a diff story... And.........way to go photobucket. https://www.pcmag.com/news/354711/photobucket-breaks-image-links-across-the-internet In case no one has read/heard about it yet.
  14. boomintahoe

    Wiring (2) 4ohm subs to mono amp @ 1ohm

    You need to go back and re read my reply again, as for the wiring for subs. Don't know why there's arguement here. A lot of amps that are mono are split into for what appears to be a "2 ch amp".