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  1. Well why did the last amp burn up? I'd be more concerned about that before buying another expensive amp. aka investigate the issue so it don't happen again. What's your budget?
  2. You need to go back and re read my reply again, as for the wiring for subs. Don't know why there's arguement here. A lot of amps that are mono are split into for what appears to be a "2 ch amp".
  3. No hard feelings man. Just wish other people on here are man enough to do that. I guess being a dick is the new cool.
  4. Hey don't blame me if you can't see and read. Don't need to be "smart" do do those 2 things on a forum, do ya?
  5. Go google some amps and you may find some.
  6. Upper management. They love to change rules whenever/where ever as long as it isn't's a free for all. Do whatever they want, basically and get away with it.
  7. It only says in his sig lol....
  8. So you made another thread?
  9. Not necessarily. Some mono amps are split enternally to give the user more flexability for the amp. To OP, your installer did that so he wouldn't have to remove the subs to wire them to their correct polarity to the amp, for a final ohm load. If all else fails, refer to this diagram...
  10. No wonder your having issues. That is NOT a ground. That's a seat bracket which isn't even "grounded" to the floor of the vehicle.
  11. Prob means better bass. WTF is better bass?! I this so and so wood to be more bassy than that other wood. Sorry buddy not gonna happen. A good enclosure design to match your needs, trunk, suv will be better off that way.
  12. One of my 15's is from the yardsale. The issue? Nothing! A little....ok a lot of excessive glue around the spider. But so what. Not gonna be seen. It functions and plays fine. SA is very picky about quality of their product. Oh the sub was 210 shipped to my doorstep. Can't beat that for being dam near new.
  13. I wonder that myself, 3vil. People buy a new amp then cheap out on the suggested power/ground for the amp, getting smaller sized gauge. It will strain the amp and "limit" its output. Ditch the 4 gauge, get you some 0 gauge. Your amp will thank ya and the ground thing is a must check. Bare metal to metal. Would like to know what the spray is used to spray over a fresh scraped grounding point to prevent rust/corrosion. Seen it on Youtube, cannot for the life of me find that vid again.
  14. Forget MDF. Yeah it's cheap but also heavy. My last enclosure I built from birch. More expensive than MDF but also much more lighter. My next enclosure I'll be using baltic birch. See how that goes soon. Any enclosure built from diff wood won't change sound.
  15. Interesting....I'm coming up to my 12 yrs at my job. But nethertheless, good luck to ya.