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  1. It was the NRA getting in the way of the free market. 922r was put in place because an ak is cheap to build and was a direct competitor with US manufacturers. Same with the NFA. The NRA could influence their politicians to repeal the unconstitutional mess Regan and Bush senior brought about...
  2. I'm hoping the NFA bat channels are going to free up since the panic seems to have been avoided for now. Let's see how 2nd ammendment he really is. He needs to go after the NRA and 922r, the NFA and the terror no fly list.
  3. Freedom is freedom. NO party or politician has the market cornered there. I am still piling up on the good stuff. The prez elect, after the Florida shooting said we need to look at gun controll measures. It's not over... Edit♤♤He wrote in his 2000 book "the America we deserve" ""I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun."
  4. Oakland Athletics Best world series in a very long time. To the World Champion Cubs!
  5. I have a baby eagle 45 and it is fucking great. I haven't fired the magnum research poly pistols. How does it shoot?
  6. my man! I am finally going to a receiver and stamp for my ak74su in about Feb or so. I'm gonna pay for a personal serial number.
  7. People are fucking dumb right now. There is going to be a last minute scare and then poof. I have all I need but it never hurts to grab up a box of used ak or ar mags when they are cheap. Especially if you plan on any new rifles in the next year. Get receivers and mags NOW. I worked at a gun shop during the last scare and it was fuckin nuts how many people would offer to pay double if we lifted our purchase limit on receivers ammo and magazines. If they would have used a little fore thought they could have plussed up before the soul less hoarders came through and gobbled it all up.
  8. The omega is my favorite all around can right now. They are within reach for most people and so far make most rounds tolerable. 300AAC is now my favorite round period. That will change thanks to a short attention span of course, but man it can damn near anything but nock down bigger game at longer distances and do it quietly...
  9. Huge leap right here. Watch out for fire hazard knock offs. I can't wait to use them in my house and truck...
  10. I made my own from an online blank. A revokable living trust is absolutely simple. The wait becomes nothing once you get to know the process. NFA items are addicting like anything else. I say make solid choices, I made some useless guns early on to tell you the truth.lol
  11. A trust is a good idea no matter what. If you die and have a trust your NFA items belong to the trust. It can be an absolute bitch to sort it all out and get things transferred, not impossible but a real bitch.
  12. Wish congress would address how stupid this all is. A suppressor should be sold with every hunting rifle. Shit, I could talk for an hour about the benifits. Get real about an SBR, SBS, AOW and on and on. Fuck, I have pistols that hold as many as 75, 60, 30, 18, 100, 50, 7, 17, 10, 9 etc in calibers ranging from .22 up to .308 and NONE of them are dangerous untill I add a butt stock. I understand select fire and full auto. For the most part the people who are going to invest the time it takes to research a safe example then lay down the amount of money it takes, plus the killer wait for the paperwork aren't going to do anything stupid with them or do anything to lose the privlage of owning them. These aren't for everyone, not understanding the simple function of a select fire European AK. Fuckers would file off some shit they read about and blow their guns up in their faces. It's bad for the rest of us.lol But as far as an SBR goes I laugh when I hear the excuses about a high powered rifle in a compact package being a bad persons wet dream. But my AK and AR pistols are WAY less bad for people...
  13. A find submitted a form 1 to make an SBR. It was right around the 2012 election. I submitted two after he did and was approved 6 months before him. The whole process can be off putting but be patient, once you have your first NFA item sitting in front of you you'll come up with all kids of cool gun ideas...
  14. And then some. I looked into it just a little and it would be worth it if I were heavy into shooting .50 I guess but that is a level of spending in order to own a rifle for and loading a specific round I have yet to reach.
  15. .50 can be flat out banned because of blah blah. 338lapua is a great big game long range hunting round. That was my thinking when I was on the verge of getting a big old sumbitch. .50 is hard to explain to gun grabbers so I just don't deal with it. 338 is also not too awfully hard to supress. I've never heard what I would call "hearing safe" but it sure doesn't make your nose bleed.lol
  16. Shhh! Stop telling anti gun assholes about the misnomer. There is already a heavy restriction on assault rifles but let them ban them all they want.lol As long as they don't know the difference they'll chase their tails about scary "assault machine 30 round mag clips"...
  17. Don't forget get the most important step in a home grown trigger job. Bang test. I would use a spent cartridge or snap cap. Charge the rifle with said snap cap and fuckin smack it. Really bang the side of the gun. Not scientific or particularly safe but better then finding out you over did it walking around with a live round in the chamber.
  18. I saw them every day at my old shop. An indoor range that allows long guns etc will bring some awesome shooters out of the woodwork.No one ever got hurt, we ran a semi tight ship. And I got to see every possible reason to support abortion. Anyone who has spent a good amount of time on public range sees some incredible enginuity on the part of the inexperienced shooter...
  19. Getting out there and doing it is what counts for me. I haven't even fired my mac90. Although I figured out what I want to try for a but stock and grip. Sometimes the thumb hole stock is doable but I can't get a good hold on this one so it's going into the box and an old bulgarian wood stock is going to be butchered and done up.
  20. Broke down and grabbed a MAC 90. Nothing too special except the real fixed stock trunnion and not a welded on mess. Still slant cut reciever and not the underfolder hidden behind shitty wood and shitty welds but a deal none the less. It also came with an early Ishmash spine stamped mag!! I am supposed to be focused on moving but this gun got me. I had no idea people are getting $600.00+ for these things. I loves me some Chinese AK, now I have to hide it from myself before I get fucking with it.lol
  21. I am also really getting into fast draw. Way cheaper, way FUCKING cheaper and still a great time. It's not the OK corral, moded 45lc to accept shotgun primers, no powder and a wax projectile.
  22. Folks like Nate, the sort who shoots at least as much as I do, will tell you that in the long run, or as was the case with me, the short run will save money with handloads. Now when I say I like to shoot, it just does nothing to describe how nuts I am. I'll build a gun and have 5k+ thru it within a week.
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