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  1. shit man, I am going to give it a shot when I finish up my camaro. That guide looks like it was designed for a pair of subs I have.lol
  2. jesus, I scanned over it and figured out something. That I don't understand it.lol
  3. get with Jon to order. Or just go to their sight. As for the weight, I put it in my Z28 doors and for a 22 year old car the doors are good and the noise is way down
  4. If all you're doing is bonding two panels that are epoxied together, you don't need wire. A bolt and nut through both will suffice. Now, if you're talking about bonding frame and separate body panels, then yes, a strap would work. I mean using some 1/0 as a "jumper" between panels on a unibody if someone thinks there isn't enough surface welded together
  5. how about running a ground strap from panel to panel? A short one over the seam? This would do the same thing as a full run right? I just blew my own fuckin mind!lol
  6. I wish I needed more! I still have a bunch left over from doing up my Camaro.lol
  7. I put some fatmat in my wife's computer years ago and it made a world of difference...
  8. I suck at this.lol But I don't care if I win. I just want to see the results! Steve, you are either making amps prices go up or down with these tests! KEEP 'EM COMING!!!
  9. I can dig that. A monster T-line would be fookin brutal in a HT setup! I'm sure if this sub is on par with the rest of the stuff Tony is putting out it is WELL worth the money. lol, folks want to get flea market prices on god damned everything
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