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  1. I know a guy with a few things that he hates to shoot but loves to go shoot.lol Gotta do the Red Dawn C. Thomas Howell gun. Got mine in a scabbard I made out of some veg tanned hide I had laying around.
  2. fun to shoot every once in the while but some of a bitch SBS' usually kill me after a few shots. Except for a couple VEPR 12s. Pretty damn smooth for the most part and no gas problems after cutting it.
  3. \m/ hell yeah brother! You'll like it around here, bunch of metal heads like me. Welcome...
  4. I am glad to see a production line! This means I can actually look forward to getting one. Hat's of to you guys!!!!
  5. 300aac is a real fun round. No gas system changes needed to run sub-sonic sold me. On a 10.5" gun with my Omega and subs the gun gives be a woodsy. I run all of my other calibers (where the barrel allows and where practical of course) suppressed and nothing compares to the noise reduction and terminal ballistics of a subsonic rifle round fired from a suppressed SBR.
  6. Hoping to find a decent HU for my 2000 f 350 dually. It has a lower end Dual and the features are lacking to say the least. I am hoping for navigation, Bluetooth, satellite radio, I pod control, flip out screen etc. Hoping to keep it around 250 or so. Thanks in advance
  7. I love it. Can't wait to see the amps!After seeing the t15k (on line, never in person) I'm sure these amps will be the epitomy of sound clarity and quallity...
  8. I've seen a few that don't like it, I hear it has to do with customers wanting to check out a holster or something and they'll pull out their loaded gun and start playing with it in the store.That's exactly it. They try to avoid Darwin award winners in their storeI could only imagine some thug looking guy going into a gun store with his loaded gun accidently firing it and scaring the shit out of himself & everyone elserednecks are the worst. A guy went to grab his "unloaded" 38 a couple years ago after telling us how he is a gunsmith, ninja blah, blah, out of his "bugout bag" and sent a round right into the tile. A guy came in to use out range and let a round out of his carry G19 at the counter after bragging about how awsome he is with guns. Thugs always ask for help. Damn near without fail they don't want to get in trouble or hurt. Know-it-alls are the most dangerous. Around here they are rednecks, can't tell them shit. They know it all and ALWAYS argue up to the poind where they fuck something up in the shop. I'll take a group of thugs at the shop over a bunch of asshole "can't tell me shit" "gun experts".
  9. one clean board. Even on a budget amp they put it together well.
  10. Don't discount 7mm Rem Mag. I've seen some consistant long range shots with store bought (factory match) ammo.And with hand loads?...
  11. 200 woud have me hitting up pawn shops and gun shops that have a good used inventory. I just (couple months ago) picked up a Savage model 10 in 7mm Rem Mag for $350.00 from a guy wanting to get his old lady a ring for christmas. Pawn shops and gun shops around here are getting stupid deals on guns. Mostly from people who went out on a gun panic spending sprees trying to recoup some of that investment. I picked up a near new SLR 107 for $600.00 last year from a guy who was going to lose his car. Turned out no revolution started and he actually had to pay all that credit off...
  12. killer amp. In the small NM town I grew up in we never saw more than a Phase III in the trunklol. Every so often someone would score a real amp and I would drool, those were some of the amps I always drooled over. I swear that one day I am going to get a Dyno and do what you do. It would be fun as shit to test every am I could get my hands on...
  13. I am always impressed with how well you treat your customers Steve. I have seen people who had access to machines for FREE and charge arms and legs for lesser quality work. Hat's off man, can't wait to load up the cart
  14. So I posted something (or thout I did) a minute ago and it missapeared. Was going to say I just saw the pricing and that made up my mind what to get my self after the giving season is over and Ican get to the getting. I am going to do some new year shopping for a project I have been putting off.
  15. I almost worked out a killer deal on one of the first OMEN's. I want one like no other rifle. I prefer Savage over most other platforms because of the ability of the user to change caliber. My 110 is in 7mm rem mag but it can be any other caliber I want without a trip to a gunsmith who does these guns on the regular so it doesn't come appart when I shoot it.
  16. I just put an FN FNAR on the santa list. I'll have 500 into it. Gotta love the rules, fired or not, used is used.
  17. Wow. That is wholesale. I have several. The super tricon is y favorite, same pull with a more strait trigger.
  18. Talk about precision. You worked hard for this gear brother. It's good to see you having as much fun as I would if I had that machine.
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