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  1. I tried to work out an enclosure with areoports bit the ports would have had to be long as fuck. I have a design for an "L" port box I am going to try next weekend...
  2. Jacob himself said .75 per. will be testing that theory real soon in my 91 Z28...
  3. I have done it with a coil, a switch that killed the ignition coil that turned on the other coil and pumping the gas. I saw AUTOLOC had a kit that made it simple and was hoping to get some more of Tony's expertise and craftmanship
  4. I have a 51 Chevy that I want to put a flame thrower on and was wondering if you could do better than the controllers offered. $200.00 seems a bit high...
  5. When I found this site back in 08 (pretty sure it was 08.lol) I couldn't believe how much information was here. All the great builds, ideas, products, people etc made me set SMD as my home page and I never looked back. Congrats my man...
  6. Can I ad the thermostat later? I am just looking for a simple always on for now because I am going to hide my amps behind some panels then down the road I am going to do some plexi windows.
  7. I'm wanting one of the TORK2 kits. Now, from what I read it is all I need to turn on multiple amps and fans. As far as the fans go I just run the power wire from the fans to the strip and ground right?
  8. lol, Tony is gonna have to watch his ass! Fools are going to be a little but hurt when their claims are smashed!
  9. I wouldn't worry man, I picked up two pacs of this before and it is BAD ASS!
  10. Another smooth transaction! Amp is brand new!
  11. ah, I didn't know you were going to mount it on a gun! Glad you like it!
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