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  1. What happened to the 4 in a t line? I love these builds man, that would be a bad ass sub under a couch or bed...
  2. Ordered 150' of speaker wire and it got here from California in two days. That's WITH Sunday thrown in there. Fuckin awesome seller and great price...
  3. Sounds goofy but it works. I used it on a couple parts kit guns I put together out of curiosity and it was damn nice and cheap. Soaked my YHM Sparrow in it after like 1k Rounds ( was a bitch to get appart, .22 cans need frequent cleaning). I used the "dip" Huntertown Arms before and it was better but way more expensive. Now, I haven't done any long term testing to see if lead builds up faster than with any other cleaner I used before due to cleaner residue staying behind and attracting more than usual. I use a sonic cleaner for suppressors for the most part but a .22 can is one toxic dirty bastard if you get lazy. I have used a pick and screw driver to get lead out of it before...
  4. Kanola oil mixed with tranny fluid does a great job cleaning and lubing. Been using it on ak's for about 6 months with no issues. Gets carbon right off too.
  5. I always check resistance. How do you know what the amp is seeing? People can fuck up putting the wrong sub in the wrong box or wrong coil in the sub. I saw where someone had a sub that had a motor that wasn't magnetized so now I check to see if a crew driver sticks to the motor. I call it smart. He should have gotten with the seller first because now the seller may have a dispute on his account and he never had a chance to fix it before it looked like he was being accused of ripping someone off. Now he knows the right way to sort out an issue without making everything so fucking hard next time...
  6. Here's the deal. A friend of mine got one about a year ago and loves it. I know what the go to brands are as I have owned several alpine, kenwood, pioneer etc but I like to give things a shot every so often and I am rarely disappointed. I want something that has what I want and won't require me cutting the dash appart. Placed the order and it should be here soon. I'll let you know if it shits the bed although I doubt I'll have much trouble. It's warranty covers factory boo-boo for a year and sonic has great customer service so I am confident in my purchase.
  7. Gonna order tonight. Thanks!!! I knew I just had to be patient.
  8. This http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_93752_Jensen-VX7012.html?from=186 With this!! http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_91789_SiriusXM-SXV300v1-70-Visa-Card-3-Months-Free-Service.html Jensen VX7012. 3 sets of 6 volt pretty outs and all of the features I was looking for. All in a single din. Any thoughts? The EQ seems cool and it looks easy to use,
  9. I am in the market for a double din, bluetooth, satellite radio, nav and good pre-out voltage. I sent a "name your deal" request with no response a while back and posted in that thread. edit⊙⊙. Didn't mean for that to come off as condescending◇◇
  10. I make my own sort of micarta with poly resin and old uniforms.lol I had no idea Micarta was toxic. I'll have to look into the stuff we were making knife handles and pistol grips out of.
  11. good question. I may be wanting a 2k RMS 12 in the near future.
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