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  1. This is something steve would say I dont know where im going with this until its done" As far as u guys asking what hes doing to it its not that he doesn't wanna tell, he just has no idea lol
  2. Then we take that bitch next door get free candy blasted on the sides put some 13" gold datons damn son!
  3. I love watching their little seasons. They're funny and know how to keep a crowed around and entertained.
  4. Not Really im just doing my daily post dumping, because i already know the woofer and if i give out info ill just be another one of the know it alls that never touched a woofer
  5. Well ur shit is manual there for im sure u need a motor for the window's and that's going to lead u to buy new doors
  6. Who woulda thougt u would be the one to ask that question lol Put em inside one of ur extra cars orrr under ur pillows
  7. I don't thik its fake one of my friends did this in our league game from the other side almost half court not on.video cuz noone expected to see magic but yeah it's been done just this one happens to be on tv
  8. Ur first question isn't a question its a suggestion. Also if i remember right hes got places for the tweeters already.. drink ur juice and watch
  9. It's at perfection i like it. Even with a magnifing glass u couldn't find imperfections. Sounds great tooo. Hell its louder then most peoples cars on this forum and its at like 77% done
  10. SMH a co sign is having to beg and depend on somebody.. a co signer is a person that will take over your loan if y can't pay ur shit... in today's Chrisist u think anyone will co sign u just like that?
  11. Gas cards any type of Card u can use and be able to pay it too monthly
  12. Some black or gun metal or gold rotas and drop it.. as far as white....... looks ghey
  13. if donating sperm was that easy everybody would be doing it. u have to be bill gates to just get reviewd and he barely meets requirements
  14. One day at a time, get ur life together first this bullshit after
  15. Looks really good og, ill creep by when i get time to check it out. Although ive been itchin to hear it Btw. Green looks siiikkk
  16. Always check the history/ car FAX report previous owner ect ect everything u can before you take over some one elses problems
  17. Soooo just free loading.? Not gonna give anyone a reach around? Or lap dance buy lunch?u Just need somebody TO TAKE time of THEIR Day to GIVE YOU demoes? Where i do i sign up?
  18. Title name change no cursing..this is ur warning .....and my warning for giving u a warning o_0
  19. Like 200k+ ppl out here the next 2 days edc starts at i believe 5pm to 730am shits gonna be cray!!
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