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  1. No id be scared to take some. J.k camera wouldnt fit ?? One of these months i need to creep by steves shop and use his lift to tighten some things up and then i could take pics im currious as well
  2. I dont have anything too recent. Its about 2.5 inches lower right now.Here is an idea of the front end Rear end before adjusting After Here is kaseys aka thehoe92
  3. Mustang drivers never seem to surprise me anymore. They either want to race every time they see anther nice car or they want to burn out. Im in a dumped 7 Series shooting sparks on 22s and i get orionstang jr pulling up next to me reving his stright piped v6 mustang thinking i want to race. I hate mustang drivers
  4. you are right, you don't know the details. You have no idea. So since you don't know the details you should not worry about what i do.and i would fly out and beat that dudes ASS for what he said to me online if i could. He is lucky it's just a meme. Don't come to the Random Picture post and start acting all high and mighty. This is what this page is for. And fuck a troll. fly out there!!!! Don't be all talk online... Nothing is stopping you from going there.sure there is a lot stopping me. I have a business to run. I also don't need to be sued by some nerd on the net who is basically a nobody. Maybe i should fly into your city and fuck your wife in her ass.My wife doesn't fvck fat fvcks so you could try but your belly will prly get in the way AHHHHHHHH LOOK AT HIM GETTING MAD. See? fucking hypocrite much? How come you didn't ignore me? How's it feel when someone says that? now apologize or get banned. Im soooooo fucking weak right now. Daaaaaamnnn daniellll
  5. Daaaamn steve. Back at it again with another roast. But on the otherside of things. entertaining this shit is a waste of time.
  6. Nice rig drove the same one as a rental when I pulled step deck. Drove nice pretty smooth for being a day cab I gotta say I loved the LED interior lights over everything hahaha.
  7. When you post a random picture in a random picture post and then the guys who,forget it's a random picture post ask questions.....that's how we know you smoke more than just weed.
  8. Fizzy and I got like 5 extra rooms and we live down the street from Meade hq We can have a live pov match at the smd hq Ebola or whatever his name is vs Broke audio. I'll start collecting bet money tomorrow 3pm central 4pm mountain Orion you could stay for free you just have to yell world star every 15 seconds
  9. By 55 speed limit I assume you were towing or driving an 18 wheeler.
  10. I'm gonna assume whoever he invited over to his shop after ar. Good luck with whatever is going.
  11. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/forum/168-political-arena-the-one-and-only-place-on-this-board-to-talk-politics/
  12. Sounds like someone has never seen an accident Jesus. I see what u did there tho free promo of Ebola mixtape
  13. Same thing was said by another user on the trucker forum. And from my experience of driving and road stories here is what I don't get. You hooked up,to the trailer and you had to,lift the landing gear a lot of people check if the king pin is locked into the jaw to save your self from dropping the trailer. What's so hard about looking back towards the tandems?
  14. As a driver this what I'm going to sayWe get looked at as criminals by the general public and the DOT now. This guy your friends dad hooked up to a trailer and didn't bother to do a pre trip inspection. A pre trip inspection is the first thing you need to do whether it be a car or truck. Your friends dad might get some,kind of a fine or God knows if the DOT has plans of fucking him. 5 million miles is over 30 years of driving P.s I posted somewhere about when I got rear ended by a guy in a f150 and took his head clean off. Those images will never leave me. He will more than likely need to get help to fix him mentally.
  15. Haven't seen you post in a long time I'm here. I don't post much or have anything to post. Car audio has faded out of my life slowly for now. but, I am lurking around.
  16. my thoughts of this Ebola guy Rhythm-MIA Lyrics -make no sense Instrumental quality- poor ripped offline He stops unexpectedly A suggestion. Take some music lessons they're cheap and will help you understand that for under 100$ you could make sense.
  17. not many people doing a 150 with a single woofer in a trunk in a daily SQ system. It will do a 146 with the seat up and almost 149 with the back seat out and no foam padding in front of my woofer and port. But it's a Lexus so i have no plans on removing the seat. I will be happy knowing my up-front midbass kicks harder than any car i have ever heard and my SQ is on point.........with some extra throttle on the low end when needed. :)You got that beemer doing a 130 yet? lolI was talking about the Tahoe. HahahThe Beemer will break a 130 once you build me that box you promised haha. as far as right now I am scared to cut into this fiber optic system. Just spent over 300$ on a factory amp for the subwoofers under the seats. What a joke.
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