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  1. Dont give me the option of coming by! I will bring a bag filled with goodies! pm the location and a time that works ha. The tower in my avatar are timed aligned. Each box wieghs over 1 ton. The enclosure material is 4" thick in some areas they house a 22" 40hz and down. a 12" 40hz to 80hz (2) 9" drivers that play 80-500hz (2) 5" driver playing 500hz to 2000hz and a 1" that picks up the rest. It takes four channels of amplifier power and 4 dsp channels to make it fly. It sounds pretty cool. 12 feet tall when all said and done. I had to deliver these to a casino in las vegas, put them together with a handlift/forklift. Pain in the ass. Thought they were going to fall!
  2. Not dissing to hard! Just really into this type of stuff. It was my life for the last 13 years! The dbx brand is chinese. I know, just about everything these days are chinese. QSC makes a really nice unit that has way more functionality. At I believe the same price point. Its called a qsc4. I am putting a pair to my mids and highs once my lazy ass gets around to installing them! Dude we live like 5 minutes apart! I have been trying to hook and run some shit by you..... I have the antedote!
  3. Maybe the book worm should do a better job of picking his battles. On the otherhand, The brother would not have hit a dude who could mash! I dont like seeing shit like this. I feel like being a super hero and protecting the weak!
  4. I get about 565sq inches....remember surround and gasket dont make bass. The cone is about 6" in diameter. It still is a very big port....
  5. Bringing your baby in his stroller to an spl event and giving him demos....fuck that
  6. Tell me your joking! dbx....? crown. Like putting a jensen deck to run audison amps.
  7. get an amp for the 8" drivers use a splitter on the ministereo plug coming from your computer.Hook up a mini to rca adapter. Put a {inductor=coil}/xover on the 8" drivers cross them over at atleast 125hz If not a lil higher do to the fact that your comp speakers suck at low end! Maybe this answered your question..Maybe not
  8. You asked " Is your stereo still alright?" Like you care..HAHA, Hell no it aint alright, look at that guy. You know he had the box sitting on his backseat. That is a whataburger lovin slob!
  9. I can demo all day on sunday! let me know. I live 5 minutes from forever!
  10. Im a prison guard, I cant hang with anyone on active parole.... they fire us over dumb shit like that!
  11. I think that would be A great idea....I talked to E.A and said a certain person owes me bread so pay them so I can get paid....he didnt text me back.....pay me fuck head and buy that CAI!
  12. if you are around before 4pm I will give you a demo....forever bumpins the big homie....wait if your on parole no demo....haha....forever knows what i mean!
  13. He got it right.(btw) Dictionary time! MY bad didnt read the topic starter..... wrong since WTF... and I stood up for you... taking it back. haha
  14. i would do sub forward port up through dash. seal all the waves from getting back into the trunk.
  15. Wont high heat of an spl/street system effect the performance of the neo magnet?
  16. yesterday I tried rca splitters and level matching the amplifiers. I was able to hit 146.4. I then tried option one with the master slave switch. I gained an entire db. I probably will not do option 2 due to the fact if one amp goes down in flames it might take the other with it.But that being said flames are pretty cool. Scratch that I will try it! I will have to wire my subs in series which will raise my BL so I might get louder even though the set up might be slightly less efficient! I will keep ya posted
  17. ok here we have a question, no manufacturer wants to address this question so maybe someone here has a real world experience. Lets talk amp strapping vs amp daisy chaining. Here is the scenario I have 2 18" subwoofers and 2 monoblocks. I can install the amps two different ways. Way number 1. hook up one monoblock per sub at 1ohm setting the first amp to master the second amp to slave, the first amps gain controls the second amps gain...crossover..etc way number 2.wire the subs in series at 2ohm. strap the amplifiers together so one amp becomes a positive the other amp becomes a negative. the master slave switch is used to control gain,crossover...etc The manufacturers say it is the same power output either way. considering the resistance stays the equal. has anyone tried an a/b comparison? vs spl output
  18. Thats a funny comment. waves cant tell if they were produced by a circle or a square,but I like the logic. Square assholes need square dildos!
  19. I have a grip of photos I am trying to load out of photo bucket its says no bueno. what web site should i use? Please help. thanks in advance
  20. Would be great if we could only use publicly available cd's for that portion of testing. When a cd is burned it can be easily manipulated, that also takes out the option down loading from a p2p site. Lets just say fuck it and allow test tones straight noise for 30 seconds. Music whats that???
  21. I think there are some rules that need to be in place so people dont make home made bass cd's with test tones camo'd in them. I am fine with no chopped and screwed so long as burnt cd's arent used. It should go back to the old days of iasca where you had like 4 songs to choose from for the spl portion of your soundq+. I know today we need alot more choices. Make the disc available to everyone and make them play songs off that cd at shows. Something to that effect. cheating right now is way to easy.
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