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  1. I would of imagined that the bullets in the clip were the south bridge heatsink? Unless these new boards moved the south bridge above the processor? There's a chip on there labeled "X-Fi". That's Creatives' sound chip. It doesn't mention that on the product page on Newegg, though. So maybe it's the "low end fake X-Fi chip"? He might not need a sound card if that's the REAL X-Fi chip, that they managed to integrate into the mother board. I know they've managed integrating X-Fi into motherboards in the past. EDIT: After reading the reviews, it doesn't seem like it's up to par with a dedicated card.
  2. Yeah, pretty BA! And I do agree that 2 690's are the max you can do. I hear that 4 680's are slightly better than 2 690s, but we're talking a minor difference, it'd be much easier getting two 690s to function properly together than 4 680s... Not to mention it'd be hard to find a motherboard with 4 real x16 power slots. It's usually 4 x16 slots with two of them running in x8 mode, which might not be that big of a deal but I'm OCD about that kind of stuff...
  3. You know you're from Florida when people bring out the Eskimo outfits when it's 40-sum degrees out. Lol
  4. http://www.sundownonly.com/mids-highs/ Also check here, a couple statuses down, for their black friday sale: http://www.facebook.com/SundownOnly The pricing is the Sundown wide sale, the code on the SundownOnly site is their own black fridat sale. I do beleive they are stackable, just gotta make a purchase of $250 or more.
  5. Ah, I thought when they released the NS v.3s they upgraded the Z v.3's motor too. My bad. This sub should make them both obsolete anyways.
  6. The nightshade's are Z's with stiffer suspension... And the video in this thread IS a 10 "...
  7. Seeing you with 10 DD-1's makes me jealous since I don't yet even have 1 DD-1! Lol, in a couple weeks I might though. Gonna save up to get both a DD-1 and CC-1.
  8. Oh, this battery is nothing btw. I have a ninja picture of XS Powers newest prototype, the D9001.
  9. It's the protype on the left, the "Hi-X" option (which you can e-mail sundown if you're interested) in the middle, and the current stock woofer on the right.
  10. Congrats, I'm pretty sure you now have the most badass 10" on the market now.
  11. Already asked that: We'll revisit the SAE line as soon as practical. Bigger amps than the NS-1 are not a huge priority.
  12. Shit, there's gotta be SOME sort of benefit when you can push the subs excursion twice as much...
  13. Not sure what I find more impressive. How massive the new prototype is, or the massive wall of 125.4's behind it. lol
  14. I love the new way that Disc priests heal now, do damage to heal. Leveling 80-85 I was always the 2nd or 3rd top dps lol I gotta do prot on my pally though. Same with my DK, Druid, and Monk. My warrior is my only non-tank that can tank. I'm going Titans grip on him.
  15. I'm into doing random shit. I'm an AH whore, an altoholic, and I live in 5-mans. I used to raid every once in a while but my guild wasn't too into raiding so I just stuck to random stuff. Lol. I only PvP on my lower levels really, or to get weeklys.
  16. Woot! 1,000th post! I am now dubbed by the SMD forum as 145db. :P Them some loud stock speakers! :P

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      i wish i could remember my 1000th lol

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      I think I posted a picture of someone riding a unicorn through hell with rainbows and said "like I give a fuck" for my 1k post.

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      Mine was in the WoW thread. Yep, I'mma nerd. Lol :P

  17. I'm currently out of commision due to lack of funds, but when I get a job I'll get back in it. My Battle.net is BobbyG2#1127 EDIT: Woot! 1,000th post!
  18. My Obsidians make a bit of noise free air too, kinda like an air wooshing/tight spider sound. It might just be a quality of the family.
  19. Keep pushing the limit Jacob! The more you push the limit, the harder other companies are going to have to try and compete, and the further the industry is going to progress! Sundown FTW!
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