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  1. Good choice on the wheel. An just the right size, not too big and not too small.
  2. Next time just get the plates and any other info and call the law.
  3. Awesome big three kit for my truck. An speedy service and deliver.
  4. I love everclear straight from the bottle. I learned the hard way how potent this stuff is when i first drank it, my friend had put some in metal flask. He told me to drink some, well I down some too quickly and it burned going down and was having a little hard time breathing. He then told me what is was and how to drink it. Within in a little bit, I was hammered. Now i drink it slowly and yes at times I will mix it with something, when I dont want to get hammered right away.
  5. I am clearing out my closet of stuff i dont need. Kenwood KCA-ip500 Ipod interface $35 obo shipped Pioneer reciever harness $15 shipped GM 1998 and up harness $15 shipped (I have two) Kenwood receiver harness $15 shipped (16 pin verison) Gm antenna adaptor $15 shipped
  6. Vws have had that for a long time now. I showed my dad it on his jetta when he bought, he uses it all the time now.
  7. Thanks for the input, I will be going with the XScorpion ones. I really like how i would be able to leave the battery terminal on the battery and quickly disconnect one of the leads if need be, unlike other ones where i would have to take off the whole battery terminal to disconnect on or more leads.
  8. I have narrowed it down to these two. Monster cable battery terminal or the XScorpion battery terminal
  9. I will post up pictures of the deck install (which i did a weeks ago). About a week ago, she told me she wants bass, so next on my to do list is build a small box for the back (waiting on the finally decision of what sub and amp she wants to run)
  10. wishing i had a better paying job

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