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  1. Purchased an iPod from knowledge, shipped it very quickly. Arrived well packaged and he even threw in 2 huge bullet tweeters. I was wondering why my iPod weighed 5 pounds lol
  2. I think you should get a Z series sub if you want to throw the 1500 on a single sub.
  3. Sure if you want to play a 1 song every 20 minutes.
  4. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/79833-official-c-fizzy-feedback-thread/
  5. Good buyer, sent money promptly. Kinda ghey but you know lol Thanks brochacho
  6. Tony I've always wondered this and hoped you could explain it to me, Why use aluminum cones and dust caps? Wont that make the cone and dust cap stay hot, not allowing the coils to cool down?Or does it work as a heat dissipation method?
  7. Just like when you root an android, the "restrictiveness" of ios is cut with a simple jailbreak. Nice upgrade Steve. One thing I wish apple did with the new power cord is make it magnetic like the chargers are for the Macbooks
  8. The inside of the van is already rhino lined from the previous owner.
  9. Ya it was! hey did you get my message about the Kicker headphones? I been trying to let you know i have them at the shop. Nope never got a message. When are you free?
  10. No offense but if you think an 8th order is just 2 simple ported boxes firing at each other then you have MUCH to learn. And 48hz is REALLY high tuning for a daily box.
  11. Lol why the hell would he use solo x's. I think he wants to use a sub that's not going to launch a cone when given rms power.
  12. Kasey has been MIA for a while. I can text him for you and see if he'll respond, but.. No guarantees.
  13. GREAT people to do business with. Don't ever hesitate to buy from or sell to Kyle and Laura. Cool peeps in my book.
  14. I know exactly who they are lol. Haim and Zaim are two fucked up bass heads lol
  15. I'm assuming he'll be getting more amps? 2 4500's on 18v will not get you 40k. Unless he wants to run them at .125 per lol
  16. So are the ports in the rear closed off? If they're open this would be a 6th order. And I thought he had singer alts?
  17. Not too much else to do once you beat the game. Pretty hard to find guns which makes it suck.
  18. She probably had his crack lol. Steve is that over off auburn and manzanita?
  19. I'm a huge pirates of the Caribbean fan so the naval tactic is gonna be dope as fuck.
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