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  1. Judging by your spelling I think you're hammered. I'm jealous. Good job man
  2. Funny story, took a girl out one night, she said hey what's this sticker? AND FUCKING PEELS IT OFF. needless to say someone got left at the restaurant.
  3. Oh man I'd love to find 4 stroker 15's to wall off.
  4. Lol this website has turned into crack for half of the members. Goes down for 5 minutes and they start scratching their necks and getting the chills.
  5. Ray has the sp4 18's for sale. Or you could buy my mayhem 15's and look for 2 more
  6. Mayhems will take 3300 all day. Speaking of, I have 2 15" mayhems for sale as well. D1's. Pm me if you're interested
  7. Love how people think they can run 1500 watts to a 600 watt sub just because someone else did it. Inb4WhyAreMySubsBlown
  8. I thought dimples were on your cheeks?
  9. I don't like circuit breakers only because they get weaker every time they pop. Use a fuse block and a 200 amp fuse
  10. Call around your local shops. See if they carry RE or maybe someone in your area has them installed and take a listen to em.
  11. I do have some 1/0 for sale. What vehicle do you have? I'll cut you a good deal on just enough 1/0 to do your big 3
  12. I love the way the xxx's sound. If you just want loud mids and highs, get the pwx. If you want a good sounding comp set, go with the xxx
  13. I've always wanted to try one out just for the hell of it, but could never find the motive to take the initiative of pulling the trigger. Always have substitutions lol Bought a 12 for a HT setup. Impressive output and with an FS of 22hz seems like it'd be a sweet 4th order woofer. I'm not a fan of yellow tops. Really overhyped battery. What problems are you having? Just batt getting old?
  14. You're comparing oranges to apples. The crescendos are a pro audio midrange. They will scream and stay clear. The xxx's are a very beefy mid bass. They will sound good and have an amazing punch to them.
  15. Check this guy out too. Lower power handling but I'm sure it's good for 400 rms. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=295-456
  16. 2 sundown sa-8's would handle that amp just fine as long as its set correctly and not clipping.
  17. Can't tell you what would be best. Only way to figure it out is to try them all man. And welcome to SMD
  18. The components are shit too. Been there, had that lol
  19. Not a hot deal. Those woofers are shit. Remember kids, in this hobby, the saying "you get what you pay for" couldn't be any more true.
  20. How about this http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/3219282842.html
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