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  1. Chode Or any dealer pm me a price on the blue cap
  2. Fappin to some beastiality.... Wait no im not, dont judge me! DC ftw!!!
  3. why? have you owned one? i never had a single problem with my 12k in my daily driver. worked great for me. i have used both the SD8k and 12k my aq3500.1 was louder then the sd8k the SD8k was heating subs up in less then 30 seconds ( could play full tilt allll day with aq) also didnt sound good...at all ( to me anyways) the 12k..same thing but of course it had a little more power then the aq3500.1 didnt sound good.. sounded like a wet fart.. A 4300 watt board louder than an 8k board? Hmmmm idk...
  4. X10000 damn no joke im ready to order hurry rusty!
  5. Budget? I have a rf 3kbd i can let go for 620+shipp?
  6. Lol is this italian or something? It is funny sounding though...
  7. Spy over at caco is also a box designer http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/custom-box-requests/
  8. Did you even try pm'ing then first before making this thread?
  9. Rf power t3kbd shoot me an offer.
  10. Should've got DC lol but assuming the subs are wired correclty what about options on the h.u?
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