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  1. with that setup and it was me I'd say get an xs battery first under the hood see how the voltage does at the ampliiers, you can check my sig stock 80a alt, the gold battery from Advance auto and I drop to 12v at the amps but that will change to dual alts a 400a and a 185a
  2. Hi There let's begin from where I start How I first bought it Steelies were a nono 2 RF P1's rear ported box 3 cube, tune 36hz Ok lets try something else sold them and then I got in on the Skar vvx15 preorder box 3.5 cube tune 32hz on a planet audio 300.4 ran at 2 ohms 6 cubes tuned to 40hz peaked at 34hz then got in the Sk1500.1 pre-order 138.8 outlaw leaked in trunk bad!! Did the Big 3 while doing the box Went to SBN got even more ideas I really couldn't sit comfortable with that box i took it out and done this right Had a huge gap to fill here-> <- This setup did like a 141.4 outlaw at 43hz not sealed around the sides stay tuned
  3. i have an 80amp alt with big 3 done on an autocraft battery while cars running i drop to 11.5ish so the big 3 should do you just fine man im running an sk1500.1 and a planet audio 300.4 btw
  4. You guys know anything about Encore alarms? Been looking at alarms and just trying to get one for reasonable price. Not worried about Remote start just security wise.http://www.encoreautomotivesystems.com/Encore_Automotive_Systems/Model_E4.html
  5. That should be nice, what kind of box are you going with? i'd love to do a wall like Twistedchild420's setup in the Hyundai or a 4th order but I really have no experience/tools in building a wall or a 4th order i'm going to see if Singer would do it when i get the money
  6. hell yea man been watching your vids for a while now im doing the 4 15's in the Nissan
  7. well however told you to get a camshaft positioning sensor should have their ass kicked that sensor is what tells the distributor when to fire when the camshaft without that sensor your car would not run at all or well, now to answer your question A dirty IAC valve is the cause of a common and well-known stalling problem of the nissan maxima
  8. Ordered and can't wait till it shows up to power these beasts
  9. Damn Wrong section Can an Admin move to Member builds for me?
  10. the build will be a start of something big but here goes build will include 3 or 4 Skar Vvx15's on 2 sk1500.1 or an Sk4500.1 I have not decided yet money will decide that one box is about 7.8 cubes is not tuned yet am waiting till i get one or two more so i can place my aero ports in it Electrical Stock alt big 3 is done Plan on 4 batteries On with pictures 2 of 3 or 4 I don't know yet Moved amp to the trunk this is where the box is going had to do the one brace to hold the shape of the rear seat angle layout of it in the backseat the other one or two will be on top possibly inverted that's all i have folks till i get more money :No:
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