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  1. HUs depending on filters can allow a midbass on a coax or component to play to low of bass and it distorts. Mine would distort so I amped them and there crisp no matter what
  2. his ac doesnt work at all (hes my bro) so yes he would like to replace it with an alternator. Bass is louder with the windows down anyway
  3. some people on here have there pms turned off because the number of messages they get or some other reason.
  4. ok because i really liked the pro series for my truck, 240 amp, and will be running 2krms on music, not burps.
  5. what is the difference between the XP, HP, and PRO series? Why are some more expensive when they do the same amps?
  6. put the gain to all the way down, turn it up how loud you listen to songs, raise the gain it until the clip light blinks, then back it off a little til it stops.
  7. fyi, with those dimensions, the most cubic feet your going to get is 12.53 cubes, before subs, bracing, or anything and only .75 thick. i think btls need anywhere from 5-8cubes ea.
  8. you feel out your subs to what they like, not just throw a random number at them. A lot of people have used DC XLs and the general consensus is they like more than 1500rms. I have had a DC lvl 4 for a while and 1k didnt cut it, it took about 1200-1500rms to max it out. Could be clipping or just pure overpowering.
  9. last offer 45 for all three, these used from gamestop is $76. my price is easily a great deal. trying to fund a build
  10. Robert seems very professional when it comes to selling his items. I bought an AQ1200D from him and it was shipped the next day and at my door in 3 days. He described it as "Only cosmetic is minor scratches on the mounting feet from normal installation. 9.5/10 cosmetic 10/10 performance." The amp looks literally brand new, I would have said it was 9.9/10 because there are literally no scratches on it except where the screws hold the amp down which is expected from any used amp. Seems like a really great guy.
  11. Item(s) for Sale: Bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Medal of Honor Item(s) Description/Condition: Condition 9.9/10 they literally look immaculate. They are open and used, but i kept very, very good care of them. Price: $45 Shipped for all three, will sell individually also. Pictures:
  12. X2 but i dont see why you would do that anyway. much better off wit a kinetik or XS in the trunk x2
  13. duralast in the back would be a bad idea since it is not a sealed battery, fumes and spillage could occur, and they are harmful.
  14. damn nice dude. idk why but i really dig the box color with the yellow logo. those would most likely love a 3k.
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=400199113802&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  16. fudge, already posted same answer, i is dumb
  17. i felt the carpet under the seat towards the side, feels like a hex headed bolt under the carpet.
  18. well inside the plastic where they "enter" the sides, there is a welded steel or iron triangle that looks like they are attached to. but is that the bolt that removes the seat, but not the bar?
  19. no it can be ran ported just like the low Qts version or at least thats what Fi told me. i was looking into the Q 18 about 5 months ago and asked that question. They said the normal/low Qts version has too much motor strength for a sealed enclosure. They said it would perform great in a ported or sealed box with the high Qts option.
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