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  1. ok so is this the bolt that removes the seat, there is a matching one on each side.
  2. And, it doesnt clip on full iPod volume(probably does a little, but negligable), just need to take off EQs.
  3. I use one on my itouch, works flawlessly. It's called "tone: the ultimate tone generator". Blue button that says tone. And it's free
  4. ehh kinda, depends on the set up and knowledge of the user. What size lvl 4 are you using? a 10? It would be a 12" powered by a AP15001D. Gains set with a DMM not by ear. you would be ok with 1.5k. especially if it has the lvl 5 upgrade. should be fine sealed too.
  5. ehh kinda, depends on the set up and knowledge of the user. What size lvl 4 are you using? a 10?
  6. and if i wanted regular with flush mount, i could take off the baffle and flip it.
  7. i always "break in" my subs before going all out, but thats just me being a little on the safe side. i think its a myth, i break in subs for the peace of mind.
  8. he can do that too if he has dual 4's then XD yeah. what coils are the lvl 4s? if there dual 4s, sell your 1200D, and buy a 2200D
  9. look around, i just bought my second AQ for 200 +shipping. and for the quality of the AQ along with the low price tag, you cant beat it, save up, and do it right.
  10. how would you get them out though? with my idea you could still the the sub in and out of the box... you could even double baffle, mount the sub to the outer baffle on the inside make the inside baffle holes like 13" for a 12" sub then have the whole second baffle removable to get the subs in and out... i like that idea, basically, an upside down flush mount. probably end up using bolts for added strength if i did that.
  11. the whole deal behind this was, the hole size needed to fit the DC inverted, is just bigger than the screw holes, where, the screws might almost split the mdf and move inward towards the sub and not hold it down, if you understand what im saying. got ninja'd ^^^^, idk i would have to see what it looked like, i know that one guy with the 4 or 6 XLs(lime greenish) or something did it like that.
  12. i guess, when i build my new box, i can put them up to my holes and sand til they are roomy but also fit.
  13. yea, i dont want it rubbing the MDF and tearing up the surround.
  14. the surround rubs when inverted, and is roomy when in regular.
  15. no, this is what i mean. look at the distance from surround to holes...
  16. i have 2 lvl 4 15s. I was wonderin how to invert them because the amount of space from the surround to the screw holes is quite small(different than the distance from the basket to the screw holes). I wanted to invert them for the look, cause i like it. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas. Thanks.
  17. i would say XL, but it would be a sort of biased answer because i have never used HDCs.
  18. What glue could i use to attach it? Would ipoxy work, or do i need CA or Rubberized?
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