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  1. damn give the kid a break he's only fourteen yall old bastards. nice computer system dude,
  2. lol thats about right on BP.....big phuckups
  3. man that lvl4's cone looked like it could not stand the magnet and wanted to jump out that basket lol...good shit DC. nice lvl3s too man.
  4. yea it looks like they went for a more realistic version of Mortal Kombat, pretty cool, i hope they still put on the costumes, i'll go see it either way. MORTAL KOMBATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Whats up guys. i have a JVC EXAD KW-AVX800 i want to sell. but there is a problem with it. Somebody tried to steal this out of my car and in the process they kind of broke the folding mechanism. The screen still tilts all the way up and down but for some reason when i press the eject button, the screen goes all the way down then comes back to somewhere in the middle and gets stuck, but all you have to do is press the reset button and it will reset itself. they also broke two of the three mounting holes on the mounting sleeve so you'll probly want to order one of those to unless you can make one yourself. i called a JVC repair shop and they said more than likely it was that the folding mechanism's timing was off. the DVD/CD drive still works, i know cause there is a DVD full of music that has been stuck in there since the failed robbery attempt, but i got around this by using a 4gig flash drive on the USB connection, holds a very large amount of songs. ill throw that in for an extra ten bucks if you want it. the screen itself still works great, very bright, but if you dont like it bright it has a dimmer setting, which can also be scheduled to the time. a way to get around the indash not bieng able to accept DVDs would be to connect an external dvd player to it and im sure it will work fine. its got like 12 or so different color settings and about 4 different display styles i liked to mix em up every once in a while. it also has a pretty decent 7band integrated equalizer, with three programmable user settings, along with about ten pre-sets 5.1 Dolby Digital 5volt line/Subwoofer output level video in and out also has a SD card slot. im wanting to get 200+shipping for it, but we'll see how yall feel about that, ok so thats about it, if you got any questions ask away.
  6. drake 'freestylin' LOL have you heard the his new track with Slim Thug? its called southside groovin like the old jam. http://usershare.net/g6rrnse3pnpf
  7. ive got some RF shielded twisted pair RCAs, had em for a while now, forgot how much i paid but they still working. but im going to try out those built-it-yourself RCAs
  8. i glanced over your avatar and thought it was some new different kind of sub with a hole in it, but then realized its just a smaller speaker. lol
  9. i say big ass box in the trunk with the port going through the rear deck. for the people who wanna keep their back seats
  10. spread yo cheeks.....cause i wanna brown my meat..
  11. damn....went from a hot artist..to a hot target, these 12 year olds mad then a....souljaboy better watch out he gonna get wet up with some super soakers.
  12. i don't, but i don't really give a crap about politics, thats for old people. lol jk
  13. oh yea he also looked into one of those toy grabber machine whatever, the ones where you put a dollar in and try to grab a stuffed animal with a metal grabber that drops down.... well turns out, when you look in the inside, there is actually a variable hydraulic control knob that controls how hard the metal grabber clamps down, and the owners of the machine can set it to where you will never be able to grab shit, lol all fucked up
  14. yall are crazy, i think its a pretty badass show, i mean where in the hell else are you actually going to see the inside of expensive as shit in real life, not just computer generated simulations. i was catching it last night and he cut up a new induction stovetop/oven, i didnt know what the hell a induction oven was, he had a gas and electric one next to it but we all know how those work, so he chopped up the induction and it had to deal with magnets making an electromagnetic field that actually heated up the pot more than twice as fast as the gas or electric ones, also saw one where he chopped up a food disposal in your sink, think its just a whole bunch of rotating blades that will fuck your hand up, wrong, the shit that spins are just basically dull metal pieces that grip the material you shove down the sink and push them towards the outside of the drain where there are stationary blades that dont move and thats how it works, i never knew that. like i said i like it, pretty interesting. next time i catch it ima put the dvr to record the series.
  15. lol ive done that before, not with the whole damn bag, but maybe just a few
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