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  1. there are 8 names, take a sec look again. team sundown ns v.3 ns v.2 z v .4 ns v .1 z v .3 z v .2 x motor
  2. Certified mode (test stops @ 1% distortion) 612 watts Non-Certified Mode (test stops @ Clipping) 769 watts Dynamic Burst RMS (test stops @ Clipping) 801 watts
  3. I have ordered sundown and other products from ssa , and have gotten my order before I ever got a tracking number. other than that no complaints. your stuff is probably on the way.
  4. hey what year is that? i have an 06 ss, and my ss doen't have the dual exhuast like that, both my pipes come out together, not seperate? is it custom or different year or?
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