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  1. haven't been on much still in Afghanistan but bought few things for build, sorry not ton of pics yet, picked up some nimrods, to test and play with. custom red volt meters with white screen, blue is just the way photo makes it look.. more to come, including helix dsp pro, with director, copper fuse blocks, some xs lithium, more white 1/0 and 4g, pair of DSS Savage 15,s for my trunk. still looking for new head unit though
  2. afghanistan needs to turn its heater up this cold sucks tonight

    1. OrionStang


      That shit hole needs to go away permanently, and you can come home.

  3. i cant wait for mine, sadly fedex taking for ever ordered monday night, i only live 2 half hours away from sac and still nothing. lol. i know its not steves fault, i hate fedex they always mess stuff up.
  4. That moment you order something from Steve, and fedex takes th package to Tennessee when I live 2 half hours from sac

    1. OrionStang
    2. Miguels


      that moment you realize you're not the only one

    3. Moreno93


      that person got fired

      probably didn't scan it & it got sent down the wrong chute to the wrong trailer

  5. Finally got to listen to a sound quality champion car, sounded amazing. and liquid cooled amps was crazy awesome

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    2. MrSkippyJ


      everyone should have to listen to a car set up for SQ before they are allowed to say SQ. Maybe that would help eliminate people from thinking and saying their setups are anything SQ related at all.

    3. mgameforever01


      Yeah for sure. Lot of people say they have sq but not even close.

    4. n8ball2013


      It's very different and very cool

  6. some of the first consumer avaliable air tanks of specality suspension's brand new smaller diameter
  7. proper tune esp with full exhaust and ignition gain about 10-15hp loose about 16 pounds. or you can look ecu reflash do things power commander can do and much much more including removing limiters
  8. yes defiantly wait but adding the ignition module with the fuel will be much better. the shops will charge more for tune but if it is a quality shop the performance gains are worth it.
  9. there is a guy here in cali that works with dyno jet mobile that tunes, just call dynojet and ask where he is traveling to next. there is a lot of shops in cali that dyno, some have you remove license plate and few others so they can say its a track bike haha. but they are all over that will tune. the tune is worth it especially if you get the ignition module also
  10. decided to give apple watch a try and a new cigar beacuse it looked interesting
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