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  1. nervous, fusion close to being done  2 dss savage 15s in the trunk some xs lithium musch much more,  power wise im so lost suggestions welcomed.

  2. Clarion has new unit that does i believe
  3. Dam that sucks your build is what inspired me to go huge in the trunk of my fusion. Sucks i never got to hear it in person
  4. haven't been on much still in Afghanistan but bought few things for build, sorry not ton of pics yet, picked up some nimrods, to test and play with. custom red volt meters with white screen, blue is just the way photo makes it look.. more to come, including helix dsp pro, with director, copper fuse blocks, some xs lithium, more white 1/0 and 4g, pair of DSS Savage 15,s for my trunk. still looking for new head unit though
  5. they do rated, they are from addictive audio there is a guy here in fresno ca who already has one, I'm not a fan of the color but it is a nice amp.
  6. afghanistan needs to turn its heater up this cold sucks tonight

    1. OrionStang


      That shit hole needs to go away permanently, and you can come home.

  7. . Some times no need for them to run 24/7 even if not loud enough to to hear why have them running if no need to. Mine I can't hear by I only turn them on when need be.
  8. i feel you fedex sent my package from ca to memphis back to cali still havent got if so much for 2 day shipping haha
  9. i cant wait for mine, sadly fedex taking for ever ordered monday night, i only live 2 half hours away from sac and still nothing. lol. i know its not steves fault, i hate fedex they always mess stuff up.
  10. That moment you order something from Steve, and fedex takes th package to Tennessee when I live 2 half hours from sac

    1. OrionStang
    2. Miguels


      that moment you realize you're not the only one

    3. Moreno93


      that person got fired

      probably didn't scan it & it got sent down the wrong chute to the wrong trailer

  11. Triumph is the tallest i would stay away from that. But yes lowering should be the last resort, as it throws off the handeling of the bike. All 600,s will be close. Honestly best thing is to go sit on bikes and see what is most comfortable for you. Each will have its own feel, but little things can be changed such as, clipons, adjustable rear sets etc... but sit on every bike you can and see what feels best
  12. Plasti dip will not ruin your paint, and properly done will look amazing also. Wrap is good but 5k. Dam even here in cali quality wrap job on 4 door sedan is only like 2-3k depending if do custom graphix work or not.
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