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  1. Yeap that name tho , but I'm in love with pretty much anything with carbon fiber
  2. He say´s if can´t Steve this way, we him this way.Let the pic´s comming. . ^^^^^^^ LOL
  3. actually its probably too much power for them for music. Most notes they are ok but i got them to bottom out a few times. The 4" VC on the SMD should take it pretty easily and sound better doing it. No hate on the MT, it just isn't meant for that. you can't hate them you have love inside your heart....lol . no but 4" vc it's the best power handling including best with heat.
  4. Dude thats a nice looking Mini, I didnt know you played paint! yeah every saturday,and thank you but i still dont have it in my hands usps lost it......fuck that..lol
  5. just bought the best paintball gun ever and usps lost it, FUCK THAT
  6. Yes sir you are from around here? El Paso or cruzes ,and I was the same like r u stuped Im from Cruces as well. nice maybe we can meet or something that's pretty stupid lol. I have heard some rediculous claims of guys doing 150db on 2 12's, which I know is possible, but not an easy task to do. well this is more like " i own half of the moon " he was really annoying
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