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  1. Turns out to be $50/yr, that's less than Netflix, not bad. Good luck man! http://www.businessinsider.com/jet-offering-stock-to-get-people-to-refer-friends-2014-11
  2. I'm curious as to what the membership will cost after the 6 month trial. I also hope that the same thing doesn't happen to Jet as eBay, who's fees are so rediculous now that you're always better off selling stuff for 10% less on forums and still making more than you would on ebay. Will be interesting to see how it turns out, thanks for hosting the drawing Kevin!
  3. I realized after posting that link that the new content button is still there, just on the lower left lol. We were too used to where it was to notice that it's still there haha
  4. In the mean time, here's a link to the new content section - http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=viewNewContent&search_app=forums&sid=96b37a6600e14f2c07add2ff5564f8dc&change=1&search_app_filters[forums][searchInKey]=&period=week&followedItemsOnly=0&userMode=
  5. I said it would be against my better judgement. Just trying to learn something, but I really appreciate the life advice, not sure what I would have done without your .02 Excluding financial advice? Hmm. Even threw the IMO disclaimer in there and you still got butthurt. Do whatever you want man, idgaf
  6. .02 life advice - If you've only used your dd1 once in the past year and are currently unemployed, In my opinion the added benefits of the + are not worth going $250 into debt. But if you sold your dd1 I'm sure Steve would sign your new one.
  7. Where do I enter the code? I'm trying to place an order but don't know where to enter the code in the PayPal checkout. Thanks! doh - found it, lower left hand side
  8. Good rule of thumb being? I know you're starting to stack layers, but what's an optimal coverage ratio that's not going overboard/overly excessive?
  9. Alright, stupid question time - door packs meaning one is needed per door? Or one pack is adequate for all 4 doors? TIA
  10. Sure looks like the same person. Could probably call up Denny's corporate HQ and ask the marketing dept. if it was indeed him just for 100% solace.
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