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  1. I just aw on Facebook Steve had his "old box" on the back of his UTV. Have u guys heard of anything recently about him making a box for his SMD's? I know he was talking about it a while back but I think he's starting it now! Real excited to see what it's going to be like!!
  2. Hey guys I need your personal opinions. I'm getting a new system and for the subs I'm thinking 2 FI X's 12's or 2 FI SSD's 12" or 1 15" version of each. Might go the similar type of woofer from AA. Which would u guys go with. This is going into a 1991 Plymouth sundance hatchback. I got about 5 cubes to use for box so size isn't a prob. Lookin to stay under 250 per sub.
  3. Yea Steve. What yea doing up so early?
  4. I would to but thats y this is called a budget build. So question guys, we're is the best place to sell car audio? eBay, craigslist, cac, etc.
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