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  1. damm..if only i had money and didn't book a holiday over seas, would be all over 4 level 5's
  2. do sub stage...realise i need more mids and highs..do the front. realise by then im use to my subs and it now being over powerd by the mids/highs so i go rebuild the substage.. this seems happen over and over..
  3. my mate runs 9k off a stock alt and like 5 batterys..it can be done,(edit: he wont play music for long, jut short bursts maybe 1-2min, but is gonna run a HO soon) altho i think i read OP had 2 standard alt? correct me if im wrong. and you can still get very stinky if playing decaf lol iv found this, some songs will, some wont. could be at 2ohm, but still, dunno why it would get so hot at 2ohm..
  4. OP: Hey can i fit 8 12's in this area? Awnser: YOU NEED BATTERY'S AND ALTERNATORS!!!
  5. i wrecked my brand spanking new level 6 recone on my ssxxx...i didn't wear it in, just let it rip with the 9k at 18v and .5ohm =/ lesson learnt lol it fryed the coil, but only other day as i cut it up i noticed a lil crease on the cone, may have been me who put it there tho not 100% sure but i never new how tight them spiders are on the level 6...is th 5 like that lol
  6. jvc are a sick unit..im using their top range one, awsome thing it is lol hate pioneer after 3/3 have all had rca issue then after year fuck out.
  7. i guess, but don't extreme cars go around rules by jacking up and hide batterys underneath? aswell as cutting apart roofs, fill with foam/support and welding back together?
  8. i some how shoked myself on my 18v bank..was floating at 18.2v nicely, dropped to 15v lol
  9. wonder is SD or stetsom or taramps could make one...
  10. i no a guy who wanted or was a dealer in aus..dunno what happend he had a whole book of price list of DD gear and ss... maybe never got around to it i no he has dd gear tho lol
  11. well if no money issue..then concrete that bitch buy a few ddz and build a 8th order bandpass.. battery's buy like 50 xs powers raise the car up and build bank underneath, next your gonna wanna buy about 12 dc 9ks (6 per ddz) and your set. btw no vs threads
  12. 8" in doors? custom dash? lol i actually saw a convertible one of these today, was such a wtf moment. id do 2 15" in a wall, reverse mount em lol just duck while drive? lol if not wall 6.5" would be cool lol
  13. TBH looking at the unboxing vid, i don't mind the looks of them, but looks don't mean anything LOL but i would try them out if given to me.
  14. It's like comparing an a**hole to vagina..Both will make you happy if you do it right. Iv ran both, only difference iv liked is with areo you can pull it out and change tuning easy, otherwise build what ever you can fit and be happy
  15. Possabilitys that i have seen/heard.. It can help increase air flow, a guess bracing to a point, can lower internal volume (also can change tuning). Can help with score, can make it worse. Can sound better to ear but worse on meter, could sound worse to ear but better on meter, About it i think..
  16. depends who you know..im use to paying cost (still more then usa) or i buy and ship with big companys..like how i baught my dc 9k
  17. ah perth..not bad.. a dc rep is there (pm if need any help and opinions)..i live over sydney where all the records are set welcome to aus tho lol
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