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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else not see or hear any piss hitting the bodies? Edit doesn't even look like the clothes get wet or the ground around them. I think the real problem is that our soldiers need to hydrate better or.... this is fake. When I say "fake" I mean they are real soldiers but I don't think they actually pissed on them. Which is weird in itself.
  2. Damn those are nice decks sorry to hear that. What were the other ones that got stolen from you? Were they nice decks too?
  3. What model number was it? Thats sucks to hear though I would be pissed too.
  4. Looks like a nice TB, is it a SS? What all do you have in it?
  5. Looking for a remote for a DDX-812. Part number A70-2082-15 Also looking for the Bluetooth mic Part number W01-1718-05 Have cash in paypal now Thanks
  6. What channel is it on? Is it on like a Nat Geo or Discovery channel? Sounds like a show that I would be interested in..
  7. Sounds crazy but menudo con limon with some tortillas works everytime.
  8. If you go back down to a 5k let me know maybe we could work something out for your 7.5.
  9. My mom just went through the exact same thing. She had an abscessed tooth that swelled up then discharged she thought that since it wasn't swollen anymore that she would be okay with some antibiotics. Tooth was fine for a few weeks then it swelled up worse then before and long story short she ended getting a root canal last Friday. The second time it swelled up her face was so swollen it was hard to recognize her..
  10. Which thread is it that your trying to open? The decal one?
  11. I think their group 31 is called the "intimidator". If you can fit that one under your hood that's what I would use for the front and back. The NorthStar batteries are really nice but they are fairly expensive. Good luck.. Try this link Itimidator
  12. Try this link it will show you how to wire your sub.. 12 volt forum subwoofer wiring calculator
  13. I guess it depends on what kind of battery you want to. I didn't see in your post if you wanted a AGM battery or a lead batt. If your looking for an AGM I would check out the 2 links I posted. They are both great batteries if you cant get XS and that is what you want either of the 2 would be good replacements. Good luck
  14. Here is some info on Deka. Looks like they ship to Canada. These are good batts to. Deka's Website Here is another company that sales awesome batteries. They ship throughout n. America NorthStar batteries
  15. Deka would be a good option if you cant get XS. The Imitator is a good battery you should be able to pick up Deka products from Napa. I am not completely sure about being able to get them from Napa though.
  16. Thats cool I am gonna sub now. Would love to see what this looks like on the inside.
  17. Damn that looks good. Now you need to ditch the SD badge in your sig. hahha
  18. Your kid has some heart and if there wasn't ice on the ground he would have moped the other guy up. I flagged as well.
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