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  1. My first time here, first post ever. You’re going to make a statement telling me to post intelligibly? My questions were pretty straight forward. Then you’re going to close replies for my post? I’ve seen multiple posts where questions such as mine were asked. I’m not sure where the problem here was. But since I’m ignorant, explain to me slowly why you couldnt message me saying something was wrong. 

    1. SnowDrifter


      Sure, I'd be happy to clarify

      In your thread, you indicated "... suggestions ... CT Sounds? Massive? Focal?...." which implicitly creates a comparison between those 3 brands.

      The third point from the bottom in the forum rules indicates "NO Vs Threads no brand vs this brand or what would be louder..." 

      The reason for this, is it stops fanboyism from people who run / support a given brand, as very few people have exposure to each of said brands, with fewer still having the analytical tools necessary to make an objective recommendation. So, to avoid the pissing-match type behavior, we have a rule in place where brand v. brand comparisons are not allowed.

      Regarding formatting on your question:

      - Break it up into sections so it's easy to read.
      - Use correct grammar and punctuation.
      - Bulleted lists are great. Barring that, recall paragraph structure from your time in academia.
      - Avoid run on sentences.
      - Avoid sentence fragments.
      - Utilize the oxford comma.
      - Don't start a sentence with an indefinite article.

      We are all hobbyists here. We lend help of our own volition. We are not paid, we receive no compensation. We're just a group of nerds on the internet sharing a common hobby. As such, the most effective means of receiving help, would be to make it easy for us to read, such that your needs can be met accordingly.

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