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    Running ports out my windows aimed at other cars and playing test tones
  1. As long as finances permit, and work doesn't fuc me, I'll be up
  2. CEA rating is done at 4ohm and with a fairly high thd tolerance. Basically for cheaper amps this means down at 1ohm its not necessarily doing rated with higher thd. I see a report a few years back on a Kenwood mono. CEA rated [email protected] and [email protected] It benched [email protected] and I believe [email protected] But it passed CEA rating because it made its 4ohm rating...As far as Hifonics, bench and scope one at 12v and do the same with a sundown, DC etc. There in lies the quality difference
  3. To say a Hifonics is as good as solid Korean boards is a fallacy. I've owned a few hifonics, and I'll never own one again . I prefer DD. My m3 is rated 2400w @1ohm and anyone who thinks a Brutus 2400 is as good as my similar rated DD is smoking rocks
  4. Diamond amps are generally good amps.
  5. 8ohm will be 200x1, same as the 4ohm stereo channels summed. 4ohm will be 400x1, same as 2ohm stereo CHs summed. Since he has dvc4, he can wire 8ohm mono, 200w, or on 1 2ohm stereo CH, also 200w. Those are his options for not running under impedance.
  6. Are you saying 1ohm power of the AQ or BC is a turnoff? Both of those amps would trash a Hifonics 2400, and are essentially every bit as good as the dc
  7. A 2ohm mono load is equal to a 1ohm stereo load. This is way most 2ch amps are only stable at 4ohm mono because it equates to 2ohm stereo. It is for this reason, that 4ohm mono power will almost always equal the sum of the 2ch at 2ohm.. RF amps tend to run hot, and although the older ones tend to take more abuse, the newer ones will generally thermal at 2ohm mono...bridge it at 8ohm, it will be the same power as a single CH at 2ohm, albeit with greater efficiency
  8. Both in ideal boxes, I strongly feel the SAs will be louder. The Lvl 3 is a decent sounding sub tho. Both will do the job, its literally a coin flip. I'd personally run the SA, but many others might prefer the DC
  9. I'd do AQ or ct over Hifonics or Ab if its not the vfl line
  10. They are definitely solid woofers. I just haven't had much luck going off their specs. I've missed around with quite a few treo drivers. Ssx is one of my fave subs
  11. Same car, same power on 1 ssx 12; 2 different boxes... 1 box did [email protected], 1 box did [email protected] Box 1 was just a drop in to my sq box I had a hertz hi energy in, 2.2cu 13^2 @34, 2nd box was my teammates box, 2.8cu, 15^2 @33/34.... 3db is a huge drop in gain. Especially at a lower frequency...I've also heard an ssx15 in over 4cu. It was rowdy. My advice is larger and more port then specs.
  12. Phuck sq!.....but I plan to do at least one sq this year now that my integra is back in shape system wise. And although I hate waiting on sq, I might be the feg that wants to do sq and an SPL class
  13. 50 is recommended at 4cu, if you go bigger you need more port. Having tested these, they like port. What I suggested is 15^2, its not crazy far off the 12.5^2 treo reccomends. If it was me, I'd go no lower than 14^2
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