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    Running ports out my windows aimed at other cars and playing test tones
  1. CEA rating is done at 4ohm and with a fairly high thd tolerance. Basically for cheaper amps this means down at 1ohm its not necessarily doing rated with higher thd. I see a report a few years back on a Kenwood mono. CEA rated [email protected] and [email protected] It benched [email protected] and I believe [email protected] But it passed CEA rating because it made its 4ohm rating...As far as Hifonics, bench and scope one at 12v and do the same with a sundown, DC etc. There in lies the quality difference
  2. To say a Hifonics is as good as solid Korean boards is a fallacy. I've owned a few hifonics, and I'll never own one again . I prefer DD. My m3 is rated 2400w @1ohm and anyone who thinks a Brutus 2400 is as good as my similar rated DD is smoking rocks
  3. Diamond amps are generally good amps.
  4. Are you saying 1ohm power of the AQ or BC is a turnoff? Both of those amps would trash a Hifonics 2400, and are essentially every bit as good as the dc
  5. Both in ideal boxes, I strongly feel the SAs will be louder. The Lvl 3 is a decent sounding sub tho. Both will do the job, its literally a coin flip. I'd personally run the SA, but many others might prefer the DC
  6. Price on these is very fair, at least in relation to other DD offerings.
  7. I'll nominate my other car this month http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/165685-4-obsidian-15s-walled-in-a-little-saturn/
  8. when they work they are solid amps, make alot of power. Easily do 5k at 12v...but are prone to smoking. I know of a ton of them burning up, and supposedly they really do not like below 1ohm.
  9. that durango was beast as f***
  10. It was an awesome show, but if I have any complaint at all, its how inefficiently the show was run. I honestly think it was too many orgs and formats within a close vicinity. I think if each station was setup in opposite corners of lot it would have been better. Im sure the need for a power source is why everyone was crowded, but it was just very difficult to get in and out of lanes and some formats required head to head lanes that were unavailiable except at the Drag booth. Also, for those who sat in the lanes for like 30 minutes, you know who you are, have your shit ready before you pull into the lane....All that said, all the orgs did a fantastic job putting on a kick ass show and there was no shortage of cars competing, thats for damn sure. Kudos to go around edit- and MAJOR kudos to the out of staters, they kind of came and stole the show. Hopefully some of us Californians will be louder next year.
  11. Im almost done...basically need to drop box in and hook up the wires and Im rolling...
  12. lol, your right. I totally forgot he used my amp and not his. But yes he had the 2 ssx 12s, I'll be using a single Havoc 12
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